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Friday, December 2, 2011

40 Best Foods from Indonesia

"If you can read this list without the drool, you're better than us".

Indonesia should be proud culinary universe. Therefore, rendang, the meat dishes from West Sumatra to be world champion. CNN survey that followed more than 35,000 people from around the world rendang crowned as the most delicious food on earth.

Two Indonesian food also entered the ranks of delicious, the fried rice, there are in the ranking of two, and satay, which is at number 14.

Apparently, a note about Indonesian cuisine does not stop there, the CNN page Go also includes a list of 40 best food in Indonesia, describe, and introduce it to the world.

"Once the reader choose the most delicious rendang as food in the world, we think, it's time to give confidence in the Indonesian cuisine to be the center of attention," according to the CNN site loaded.

CNN also lure readers with an introduction, that the Indonesian cuisine includes noodles, marinated superlezat sauce, curry that tastes spicy kick, fish wrapped in banana leaves aka Pepes, salad greens with sweet peanut sauce - which we know as gado-gado or pecel. "Chili, martabak, rendang. If you can read this list without the drool, drool. That means, you're better than us. "

CNN page also includes a number of restaurants in Jakarta recommended to enjoy the kitchen secrets of the archipelago.

Although not intended to rank the best cuisine in the first sequence is the sauce. Who knows how many chili recipes that exist throughout Indonesia, perhaps hundreds - of other regions, other spices are also used. Sambal even the 'mandatory' in the Indonesian diet.

Meatballs and fried rice are also included in the first list of five dishes. As is known, American President, Barack Obama come to be 'ambassadors' Indonesian cuisine, when calling balls and fried rice as his favorite food while living in Indonesia, as the 'Son of Menteng'.

What is interesting is the food in the order of 40, namely Indomie - the only packaged foods on the list.

The following list of 40 best food in Indonesia version of CNN:

1. Condiment
2. Sate
3. Meatball
4. Soto
5. Fried rice
6. Hodgepodge
7. Rice uduk
8. Nasi padang
9. Fried chicken
10. Fried noodles
11. Gudeg
12. Rawon
13. Pecel catfish
14. Opor chicken
15. Chicken noodle
16. Pigs bolsters
17. Curry
18. Chicken Porridge
19. Dumplings
20. Pickled vegetables
21. Cah kale
22. Pepes Ikan
23. Pempek
24. Meatball
25. Martabak
26. Vegetable tamarind
27. Oxtail soup
28. Ketoprak
29. Balado eggplant
30. Vegetable rice cake
31. Rendang
32. Know gejrot
33. Goat soup
34. Dumplings
35. Grilled fish
36. Papaya leaf
37. The brains
38. Fried duck
39. Fried
40. Indomie


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