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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kangaroo Fillet Recipe FOODS AUSTRALIA

1 kilogram of kangaroo fillet, cut into pieces3 tablespoons butter / margarine
1 bay leaves4 tablespoons red wine3 tablespoons olive oil12 pieces of juniper give6 pieces of cardamom2 cloves garlic, finely chopped2 pieces of star anise1 teaspoon black peppercornThyme 2 bay leaves
Beef broth:
2 pounds veal, cut into 3 cm x 3 cm100 grams of carrots, cut into pieces100 grams of celery, thinly sliced100 grams onions, roughly chopped200 grams tomatoes, cut into squaresThyme 3 bay leaves3 bay leaves marjoram2 bay leaves675 cc of white wine3 liters of water
Veal for the glaze:
2 quarts beef broth, the results of the previous process1 tablespoon tomato paste
2 pieces of red onion, finely chopped1 tablespoon carrots, roughly chopped1 tablespoon thyme leaves1 teaspoon black pepper powder1 tablespoon bacon, roughly chopped4 tablespoons red wine175 cc for the veal glaze
3 tablespoons butter / margarine24 pieces of small red onion, peeled250 grams of spinach, washed, boiled briefly, drained1 / 2 teaspoon black pepper powder100 grams of potato chips
How to makeMarinade: Mix the bay leaves that have been mashed, red wine, and olive oil, stir, then add the juniper berries, cardamom, garlic, star anise, black peppercorn and thyme leaves, stir well and set aside.
Place kangaroo fillets in the dish, and enter the marinade, stir well, then store in refrigerator for 2 days while occasionally reversed.
Take kangaroo fillets, drained, save the rest peregrinate, then heat the butter, put kangaroo fillet, cook over medium heat until cooked through and lightly browned on both sides, remove from heat.
Beef broth: Mix veal, carrots, celery, and onions, stir, then bake in the oven (150 degrees Celsius, 1 hour) until browned, remove from heat.
Enter the white wine, stir, move entirely into the pot, and enter the tomatoes, thyme, marjoram leaves, bay leaves, and water and stir well.
Cook on low heat for 12 hours, filtered, then store in refrigerator until cold, grab the surface and discard fat.
Veal for the glaze: Mix all ingredients, stir, and cook until broth is reduced by half, remove from heat.
Sauce: prepare the pan used to cook kangaroo fillet, and enter the red onion, carrots, thyme, black pepper powder, and bacon, stir, and cook until lightly browned.
Add the remaining marinade before, stir well, then enter the red wine and veal for the glaze, stir, and cook until sauce is reduced approximately 1/3-, lift, strain, set aside.
Complement: heat 2 / 3 butter recipe, and enter the red onion, stir, reduce heat, and cook until lightly browned about 20 minutes, remove and set aside.
Heat 1 / 3 recipe butter, put the spinach, stir well, then add black pepper powder, stir well, cook briefly, remove from heat.
Place spinach in a serving dish, place kangaroo fillet was cut into pieces on it, pour stir onion and potato chips were around him, then flush with the sauce and serve.


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