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Friday, December 2, 2011

10 Breakfast Unique from around the world

Tastes of people from all over the world are diverse, there are like cheese, rice, potatoes, fruit and even raw fish. What are the common breakfast eaten by people in the other hemisphere? This is a wide assortment of unique breakfast that became their favorite.

Complete version consists of beans, sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast and fries. And drink, of course, tea.


In Hawaii you can party every morning fruit. Just look at the dish above, there are strawberries, grapes, lemons, blueberries, Sunkist and so on. Sometimes also accompanied by a piece of bagel.


The image above may already be familiar to you. Yes, pancakes. Usually given a topping syrup and blueberries. Not infrequently they also eat with my pancakes with bacon.


Just look at that plate. That is ceviche, a favorite food of Peru that contains a variety of fresh raw fish meat marinated in lime or lemon juice and given a sprinkling of chili powder. Ceviche is also commonly eaten at lunch time or evening.


In Japan, food in the morning they usually Tofu, soft kind of knew that berteskstur. Usually eaten with soy sauce.


Kimchi Korean people will like! A plate of kimchi, a bowl of rice and vegetable soup is a favorite breakfast in Korea. Toast is also one of their favorite menu breakfast.


What do you look like a bowl of ice cream mix soup above is changua. Made of milk, onions and cheese.


Bahamas residents like grits. Usually they are given a topping of pureed meat and shrimp.

9.Costa Rica

They like avocados, plantains, and cold meat on their breakfast table. But it was only to accompany their main menu which is known by the name of Gallo Pinto. Gallo Pinto consists of black beans, rice, salsa, tortillas and occasionally with sauce.


In the morning you will be given in Turkish delicacies of various kinds of cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, jams, honey and spiced beef.


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