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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lemon Bread Recipe


800 grams of flour Chakra Twins
15 grams of instant yeast
8 grams of Salt
3 grams Bread improver
125 grams of sugar
160 grams Simas Margarine
40 grams Honey
350 grams of Water
1 whole egg

Filling materials
250 grams of instant Vla
UHT milk 400 grams of water Indomilk
100 grams of lemon water

How to make stuffing:
Whisk all ingredients together until thickened and form the VLA

How to Make:
- Mix the flour Chakra Twin, yeast, bread improver, sugar sand with a low speed mixer and mix until blended
- Add the eggs, honey and water, and mix until the dough together
- Add salt and Simas Margarine, stirring again at high speed until dull
- Round and the dough rest 20 minutes
- Cut into pieces and weigh 50 grams each
- Round and back rest 10 minutes,
- Flatten and place on top of pie mold (diameter ± 10 cm) filled with stuffing and place on a baking sheet and then rest for 60 minutes ±
- Bake at 2000 C until cooked.
- Add garnish with cherries


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