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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Facts About Food Fiber

We all already know that our bodies require fiber foods for health. Nevertheless, there are still many people who always skip-fiber foods to be present in their daily menu. How important is fiber? How much fiber do we need to consume each day? Now, let us know more about these fibrous foods.

Fiber, or in a foreign language is called fiber, is one type of carbohydrate that builds the structure of leaves, stems, and roots of plants. However, unlike other types of carbohydrates are sugars and starches, fibers will remain intact until they approach the final part of our digestive system. Nature that is the one for the health benefits of fiber.

Is it true all the same type of fiber? Wrong. Basically, there are two kinds of fiber types with different functions. The first is referred to as insoluble fiber, which is usually found in nuts and many vegetables. Its structure is thick and rough, and not soluble in water. These fibers will be intact until the end of the digestive system.

The second is the soluble fiber found in oats, beans, barley, and some types of fruit. This fiber is soluble in water and form a gel-like structures in the digestive tract. This fiber will inhibit the absorption of sugar into the blood vessels. If taken regularly every day, this fiber will be able to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

Is it true that fiber contains no calories? Almost true. Insoluble fiber can produce as much carbohydrate calories usual. However, for insoluble fiber can be said to contain no calories. In the digestive tract, both types of fiber can not be broken down in the small intestine. While in the large intestine, soluble fiber molecules can be converted into short chain fatty acids that can produce calories.

Is it true that fiber can lose weight? Right. People who are adding fiber to the diet they will be able to lose weight more than those without. Need more fiber chewed and can slow the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, so that your body will think that you have enough to eat. In addition, the fibers can stimulate CCK hormone, a hormone that suppresses appetite.

Is it true that fiber may prevent colon cancer? Maybe. Researchers are still different opinions on this matter. However, it is said that the intake of fiber can prevent various chronic diseases. Therefore, experts strongly recommend us to increase fiber intake.

Really we need an intake of 38 grams of fiber each day? Wrong. 38 grams of fiber equivalent to 9 or 12 apples bowl of instant oatmeal. Maybe for some people the number is too many. Therefore, the adjusted fiber intake according to your needs. However, any excess is not good. The important thing is to maintain a balance intake of nutrients as needed by the body.


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