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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

4 Food Sources of Calcium

CALCIUM in a variety of products, primarily in the form of milk, which we consume usually intended to prevent osteoporosis (bone loss).

Moreover, calcium was important for our body metabolism. Calcium is also necessary for the performance of the heart, as a liaison between the nerves, as well as for muscle movement.

Calcium is also important for us as pernormal blood pressure and balancing blood acidity.

Calcium intake is important for us. Because the calcium content in the human body will constantly decreased by 1% per year since the age of two years.

After age 50 years, the amount of calcium in the body also will shrink as much as 30%. Losing calcium will reach 50% even when a person aged 70 years.

Symptoms such as lethargy, more sweating, anxiety, shortness of breath, decreased immunity, lack of appetite, abdominal cramps during menstruation to generally be an indicator of a lack of calcium in the body.

Source of Calcium
One common source of calcium consumed the milk and its derivatives, such as ice cream, milk powder, cheese and yogurt. Unfortunately, not everyone likes or "could" drink milk. Resistance to milk can happen to anyone.

But you know, it was not only a source of calcium than milk. There are many sources of calcium besides milk of good consumed.

Green leafy vegetables
Dark green leafy vegetables, like broccoli, spinach, mustard greens, cassava leaves, papaya leaves and kale contain calcium in addition to various vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Cereals, Fish and Soybeans
Wheat or cereals, fish and bones, as well as processed soy like tempeh and tofu served well for the daily menu. All three contain calcium.

Citrus fruits also contain calcium. Slices of fresh oranges will help keep the immune system and bone.

Handful of almonds contain calcium and vitamin E are good for healthy nails and hair. Nuts in general also contain calcium.

To help the absorption of calcium in the body, should avoid consumption of caffeine and high amounts of salt, and always exercise.

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