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Friday, December 9, 2011

Should a safety tool LPG cylinder?

Elpji gas cylinder safety or there is mention of LPG safety regulators began to be created and used crowded as a result of the proliferation of news or news LPG gas leak caused the fire of LPG gas usage in the community.

The question is:
Should a safety tool LPG cylinder?

Keep in mind that people's understanding of the use of liquefied petroleum gas is still lacking. They switch from using kerosene to fuel the LPG fuel is not due to a true understanding that the LPG is more efficient, easier to use, not dirty, etc.. They switched to LPG is not because of his own consciousness. Understanding like this that have a hand in cases of leakage above.

It would be very different if they were changed because of his own consciousness, they certainly have a grasp & understand the advantages of LPG gas and how to use them properly.

We know that the LPG gas cylinders, LPG regulators, hoses and other equipment not necessarily in our design? Was created specifically because we have a massive conversion program from kerosene to LPG? Is not! All there standardnya ... and we just follow the existing standards.

Let us think again, if only in Indonesia that use LPG for cooking gas (LPG gas stove). But to my knowledge only the noise we use a safety device for gas cylinders. They do not exist in the world who wear them.

Once again it seems we useless who wear them. In other words tube design, regulators and others think we are not safe.

Know! If the product (whether gas cylinders, regulators, hoses and others) according to the standard and other leaks will not occur during installation correctly. If there are leaks and other means while the installation is correct there is something wrong. This can happen because of the tube, regulators or others.

This we have proved, that in fact without any additional equipment leaks will not occur. It means we do not have LPG gas cylinder safety device is. What is important when installing make sure is installed properly and no leaks.

Technically this is so, so use a tool like this is not recommended because of excessive functions in addition to changing the type of LPG valves are quick-on type.

In this regard to securing our kitchen we recommend using a gas detector to ensure no gas leaks. Tools such as this will inform if there is a gas leak.


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