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Friday, December 2, 2011

Typical food Unique Christmas around the world

1. Gluhwein

Gluhwein is a typical drink of Germany, which is a kind of red wine boiled with a mixture of various spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, and served warm. These drinks are easily found in Weihnachtsmarkt, a sort of night market before Christmas. Gluhwein intoxicating beverage category because it contains a fairly high alcohol content.

2. Frittele

Frittele is the food traditions of Christmas in Verona, Italy. Frittele made of rice mixed with milk and sugar. Similar Oliebollen, but Frittele flat round shape and sprinkled with sugar and vanilla. There also are eating peanut butter or chocolate oiled.

3. Codfish / Bacalhau

Christmas Eve is a special meal typical of Portugal. Codfish is a kind of sea fish that contain lots of oil. Usually served with boiled potatoes continue to eat the sam.

4. Yule Log

Christmas is a traditional cake from France. Uniquely, this cake is formed in such a way so that similar to the shape of a wooden stick.

Yule log is actually the whole tree is deliberately selected and brought into the house with great ceremony. The tip of the tree trunk is placed in a fireplace, keep the rest of the other part be created Christmas Tree. The logs are burned along with the remnants of last year's Yule log that is stored with care. Little by little inserted into a furnace for twelve days of celebration. Save the remnants of the Yule log at home throughout the year is considered to provide protection against fire.

5. Ginger BREADMAN

This is a cake shaped scarecrows that smelled of ginger. It remains unclear also came from where. Some say typical of Europe but have also said the United States or Canada. But if before Christmas, this cake definitely easy to find in every bakery. Some are even used as Christmas tree ornaments.

6. Pain Calendeau

Christmas is a traditional food in the country of France. Pain Calendeau is a pie / cake daging.Yang unique is the way they are presented. Pie is cut crosswise, the first piece to be given to the poor or in need only after that the rest be eaten.
Spoiler for Pain Calendeau:


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