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Saturday, April 21, 2012

World Food and Drink-The benefits and efficacy of Coffee

The benefits and efficacy of Coffee

The benefits and efficacy of Coffee
Most people think coffee is for the efficacy of anti-sleep medication. When in fact not too! other than that coffee has some great benefits to the body. But this is not 100% yes, just take for granted, if you drink up to 100x secankir day you might die.

Not because of the efficacy of coffee to kill you, but the possibility of suicide due to run out for the purchase kopi.heheheheheh money

Here are some benefits that we can grab a cup of coffee:

It was a relief to breath
The most obvious benefit is to shortness of breath, try drinking a cup of coffee to meghilangkan these annoying symptoms. According to Dr. Menaldi Rasmin Sp P (K), and chairman pulmonologis continuing medical education-Faculty of medicine, the efficacy of caffeine can relax the muscle tone and strengthen the work of breathing which helps the lungs.

Meanwhile, according to Marshall Plaut, MD, chair of the Division of Allergy at the Natonal Institute of Allergy and Infection Disease, caffeine in coffee may act to relieve tension in the branching of the trachea (bronchi). But despite having a benefit for patients with respiratory ... for severe asthma, do not change the drugs you are taking a coffee.

Preventing Kidney Stones
coffee are diuretics. If you are traveling in the middle and enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee. That also means, you should get ready to go back to look for a toilet stop. However, the effects of these stimulants can make your kidneys free from kidney stones. properties can be obtained up to 10% you know.

For a cup of coffee does star has only one benefit of course, be a friend at night. No more than that. and one of the benefits gained can not even sleep. Either because it can not sleep because of the coffee or other causes.


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