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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mangosteen Benefits

Mangosteen or has been dubbed queen of this fruit has the chemical name Garnicia mangostana. Is a form of tree fruit crops from tropical forests in Southeast Asia, namely Malaysia or Indonesia wilderness. Mangosteen fruit has many benefits because it is rich in antioxidant content of the skin and fruit.

Some of the benefits of the mangosteen fruit:

Preventing deadly diseases, fruit mangosteen xanthones contain substances that are useful to tackle deadly diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's, and others. Substance which is derived xanthones from mangosteen can prevent various diseases caused by inflammation, such as arthritis and Alzheimer's (disease is one of the dysfunction of the brain). In addition xanthone is also useful to prevent the growth of cancer cells and tumors. Mangosteen rind also multi efficacy of anticancer, antioxidants and efficacious overcome coronary heart disease, HIV, and so on. Mangosteen peel extract is antiproliferasi to inhibit cancer cell growth. In addition the extract is also the destroyer apotosis of cancer cells. Xanthone contained substances him unable to care for some types of cancer such as liver cancer, gastrointestinal, lung and so on. Xanthones in mangosteen peel too powerful to overcome the disease tuberculosis (TBC), asthma, leukemia, inflammatory, and antidiarrheal.

Relieve pain, a doctor in the United States claimed to have replaced drugs to relieve the pain in the neck by consuming mangosteen fruit regularly. Mangosteen is also efficacious in reducing pain.
Fight free radicals, mangosteen fruit contains catechins which proved more effective and more powerful than vitamin C or vitamin E in fighting free radicals that exist in our bodies. Templeman Frederc doctor who wrote the book "A Doctor Challenge, A Mangosteen Solution" recommends consuming mangosteen fruit as a food supplement every day, will get more antioxidants than any supplements offered in medicine. Besides the content of alpha-and gamma-maostin Mangostin the mangosteen fruit is also as an antibacterial. Alpha-magodtin also known to have efficacy as well as antibiotics that are in the market such as amphicillin and minocycline.
Reducing high blood pressure, hypertension or high blood pressure also occurred due to an interruption in blood vessels, and the risk of heart disease and stroke. Mangosteen fruit can overcome this, especially to normalize body weight.


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