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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Health and Nutrition

Investigation of human progress has been
shows that our ancestors is a natural vegetarian.
The structure of the human body is not suited for eating meat.
This is revealed in the essay, comparative anatomy
by Dr. G. S. Huntingen from Columbia Universities.
He showed that carnivores (animal eaters
meat) have a small intestine and large USU
the short. Shades of their colon is very straight
and smooth. In contrast, vegetarian animals mempunyi
small intestine and colon length. Because meat
contain little fiber and high protein,
intestine does not require a long time to absorb
juice diet: carnivorous intestine so shorter
vegetarian than animal gut.

Humans, like other vegetarian animals,
has the small intestine and colon length.
Both our gut length about twenty-eight
feet (eight feet). Small intestine folded
itself several times, and undulating walls,
not smooth. Because they are longer than the gut
carnivores, the meat we eat in silence in the intestine
long periods of time. As a result, the meat can
become rotten and cause toxicity. These toxins
has been inferred as a cause of colon cancer, they
also increase the burden on the liver, which serves to
eliminate toxins. This can lead to cirrhosis
and even liver cancer.

Meat contains a lot of urokinase protein and urea,
which adds to the burden of the kidneys, and can damage the kidneys.
There are four grams of urokinase protein in every
pound steak. If living cells are placed in
liquid urokinase protein, their metabolic function
will decrease. Furthermore, the lack of meat fibers
or cellulose, and lack of fiber can cause
constipation (constipation). It is known that
constipation can cause colon cancer or thick
hemorrhoid / piles (hemorrhoids). Cholesterol and saturated fats
contained in the flesh also lead to disease
the heart. Heart disease is the cause death
number one in the United States and Formosa.

Cancer is the number two cause death. Outcome
experiments showed that the burning and roasting
zar meat cause chemical (methylcholanthrene) which
menyebankan malignant cancer. Rats given substance
This chemical gets cancer, such as bone tumors,
blood cancer, stomach cancer, and others.

The investigation has shown that infant mice
nursed by his mother who suffered from breast cancer
will catch the cancer as well. When cancer cells from
humans injected into animals, the animals were also
of contracting cancer. If the meat we eat every
today come from animals which suffer from the disease
this, and we eat, we are most likely
getting the disease. Most people
assume that the meat is safe and clean, and
examination performed in all slaughterhouses. Actually
cows, pigs, poultry and other animals are slaughtered
to sell a lot more than that
be examined. It is difficult to know whether
a piece of meat contains cancer, let alone check
each animal. Currently, only the meat industry
cut off his head if his head is a problem, or
cut off his leg if the section is berpenyakit.Hanya
the bad part is removed and the rest sold.

Famous vegetarians, Dr.J.H.Kellog,
said, 'When we eat vegetarian dishes,
we do not have to worry about what diseases
resulted in the deaths from food. This makes the
dining atmosphere full of joy!

There is more to be feared, antibiotic substances
as well as other drugs including steroids and hormones
growth is added to animal feed or
sisuntikkan directly to animals. Already
reported that people who eat these animals will
memyerap these drugs into the body mereka.Ada
the possibility of antibiotics in meat would reduce
efficacy of antibiotics for humans.

Some people consider a vegetarian diet is not enough
nourishing. American surgeon, Dr. Miller,
practiced medicine for forty years in
Formosa. He established a hospital there, where
all the meals are vegetarian, for staff
well as the patients. He said, "Rats are one
one type of animal that can live either from dietary
vegetarians and non-vegetarian. If two mice
separated, one being fed meat and the
Another vegetarian meal, we find that
their growth and development together, but the rats
vegetarians live longer and have the power
stronger immune to all diseases.
Furthermore, when the two mice got sick,
vegetarian mouse recovered quicker. "Then he
adding, "The drugs produced by science
modern science has advanced by leaps and bounds, but
it can only treat the disease. Meanwhile, food
can maintain our health. "He pointed out that,
"Food is a source of plant nutrients
more directly than meat. People eat animals,
but the source of nutrition for the animals we eat comes
derived from plants. Most of the aged animals
short, and nearly all animal diseases also possessed
people. It is possible that the human disease
derived from diseased animals that eat meat.
So, why people do not get their food
directly from plants? "Dr. Miller concluded that the
we only need the wheat, beans and
vegetables to obtain all the necessary nutrients
to maintain our health.

Many people assume that animal protein is "more
superior 'compared to plant protein because
animal protein is considered more complete than
plant proteins. In fact, some proteins
complete plants, and combining several food
an incomplete protein can create
complete protein.

In March 1988 Asosiai Dietik America (ADA)
announced that: "THERE is authorized to declare
that vegetarian diets are healthful and sufficient
berigizi if planned properly. "

Often people believe that eating the wrong
meat is more powerful than a vegetarian, but
experiments conducted by Professor Irving Fisher
from Yale University to 32 vegetarians and 15
meat-eaters showed that vegetarians have
durability is longer than the eater
of meat. He told people stretch their arms
as long as possible. The results of this test is clear.
Among the 15 meat-eaters, hany two who can
spread his arms for fifteen to tuga
twenty minutes, however, among the 32 vegetarians, 22 people
spread his arms for fifteen to three
twenty minutes, 15 people more than thirty minutes, 9
people more than an hour, 4 people more than two hours,
and a vegetarian spread his arms more
than three hours.

Many distance runners run the vegetarian diet
before facing competition. Doctor Barbara More,
expert vegetarian therapy, settle race
one hundred and ten miles in twenty-seven hours
and thirty minutes. Women aged fifty
six this year broke all records held
by the youth. "I want to be a role model for
demonstrate to people that are into
fully vegetarian will enjoy a strong body,
a clear mind and a clean life. "

Do vegetarians get enough protein in
his diet? World Health Organization (WHO) recommends
that 4.5% of daily calories derived from
protein, Wheat has 17% protein calories, broccoli
has 45% and rice has 8%. It is easy
obtain a protein-rich diet without eating meat.
With the additional benefits can avoid many
disease caused by dietary fat
high such as heart disease and cancer, lifestyle
vegetarianism is clearly the best choice.

The relationship between eating too much meat or
animal foods that contain lots of saturated fat,
with heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer
and stroke has been proven. Other diseases that often
can be avoided and can sometimes be cured
with a vegetarian diet containing less fat
including: bladder stones, prostate cancer, diabetes,
ulcer, stones in the gallbladder, a disease in which
disturbing, arthritis, gum disease, acne, cancer
pancreas, stomach cancer, glucose deficiency disease
in the blood (hypoglycemia), constipation (constipation),
diverticulosi, high blood pressure, brittle disease
bones (osteoporosis), uterine cancer, hemorrhoids
(Hemorrhoids), obesity, and asthma.

There is no higher risk than eating
meat, in addition to smoking.


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