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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Devils Rawon Specialties EAST JAVA

Shop signboard reading this one can indeed intriguing. Rawon name Satan in Endang Ma'am owned diner is inviting the viewer to stop and taste the flavor of food is typical of East Java

No wonder the devil Rawon was so warm conversation culinary enthusiasts. Moreover, this time began to spread this franchise shop in Surabaya and Jakarta. One of them is located right on the side of the Big Mango Street Raya No. 10, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta, as quoted by news everywhere

One manager Restaurant Rawon Devils, Ariee revealed, the name 'Devils' is meaningful spicy. "Nothing is different from Rawonnya seasoning, it's just so spicy sauces and make people sweat while eating it," said Yudi tries to be leaking cuisine flagship.

Not just because it tastes spicy Rawon that inspired the birth name of . According to him, there's still another story of why the name Rawon Devils became 'trade mark' in this shop. First, the name 'Satan' is given by its customers who was mostly a night tour visitors around the food stalls Rawon in Surabaya.

"In the past, people generally eat these foods in the evening. Because tonight is identical with the mystical or magical, visitors often call this a diner rawon Rawon designation of Satan. Until now the name that was so characteristic of this diner, "said Yudi, who also said, now there are about 20 branches Restaurant Rawon Satan in Surabaya and Jakarta.

The original man was admitted Surabaya, Its processed Rawon Devils has a sense of superiority over other rawon. In the manufacturing process, Ariee using seeds taken directly from the island of Gods. "From these seeds kluek Bali, Rawon a savory flavor, and not only that the color becomes black," he said. For one portion, Rawon Satan is pegged at Rp 20 thousand. Portion of the package is a complete package which includes a drink.

To increase customer satisfaction, continued Ariee, it also provides the following menu is served hot with the heater on offer from USD 10-30 thousand.
Savory rawon this will be more stable if eaten with other additional menus such as bean sprouts, eggs, or crackers. Delicacy of taste is to be balanced with a spicy red sauce that is specially made to accompany this main menu.


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