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Monday, November 28, 2011

Zuppa-zuppa, Italian Soup Recipes

Italian soup hooded unique shape,What is zuppa-zuppa? Dishes are served in a cup that is heat resistant soup rather unique presentation. The uniqueness lies in the 'hood' covering soup bowls. The 'hood' will instantly melt into the cup when tablespoon pierce the veil.
The uniqueness of it also be the hardest part in making this zuppa-zuppa.

Ingredients needed:

margarine 30 grams,
onions 80 grams,
scallion 70 grams,
200 g button mushrooms,
1 box of fresh milk,
flour 50 grams,
bacon 30 grams,
2.5 liters chicken broth,
15 grams of garlic and salt and pepper to taste.

How to make a recipe:
Once all the recipe ingredients available, the first step heats the sauce pot. Enter margarine, onion, scallion, garlic, bacon and add the button mushrooms that have been cut into quarters. Saute until aroma recipe out. After that, put the flour, stirring until smooth and add the chicken broth, bay english. Let the dough recipe is in a low heat for about 25 minutes then drain.

The next step, all the recipe ingredients that have been cooked it later in a blender until smooth, except for English greetings and bacon. After that, the soup was finished was put into a bowl and then covered with puff pastry. Insert it into the oven dish with a temperature around 200 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes.

This section terumit: puff pastry. This section is made of hard flour recipe (chakras) as much as one kg, 20 grams of salt, margarine 100 grams, water 500 cc and the gold cup (sort of a special margarine for cake batter is mixed so that the dough does not quickly crushed) 700 grams.

How to create a 'cap' zuppa-zuppa is, chakra flour recipes, salt, margarine, water and stirred until a dough is rolled. Add the gold cup and fold / roll back twice. After the dough is cooled, then rolled again as much as five times until the dough is ready to use. For a bowl of soup, it takes about 60 grams of puff pastry. This recipe can be for 10 servings zuppa-zuppa.


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