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Thursday, December 1, 2011

7 Slimming Drink

Many are not aware of the number of calories they consume over a drink. Here is a drink that helps your body stay slim as quoted from Femina:

1.Vegetable juice.
Same nutritional fruit juice, but the calories in half. Vegetable fiber serves as a fat blocker (substances that block the formation of fat).

2.Fruit smoothies.
Mix with skim milk, no sugar or other sweeteners. Fruits rich in vitamin B complex, can process fat into energy.

3.Fruit juice without sugar.
Contain nutrients and vitamins that high. Better to drink with the fiber.

4.Black coffee.
Helps release the fat and make energy. But limit their consumption, not more than 4 cups a day.

5.Green tea.
Has many health benefits, and can increase the fat burning mechanism up to 40%.

6.Of milk.
Calcium in skim milk to help block the genes that make up fat. Stomach feel full so you eat less.

7.Ice water.
Drinking plenty of water can be slimming, because the fat burning takes place in liquid media. Water metabolism and encourages zero calories.


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