Thursday, December 1, 2011


There are many types of drinks on the market today, ranging from a branded manufactured by large companies to beverage produced, cheap housing. And a variety of beverages are easily accessible premises, including by children. It is unfortunate that not all types of drinks are healthy. One market is filled with various kinds of sugary drinks that contain high sugar levels. Terms of sugary drinks is a broad concept that includes a lot of drinks, such as fruit juices, soft drinks and other refreshments yag sometimes contain substances that are harmful to health such as sweeteners and dyes. Sweet drinks contain no nutritional value and thus should be avoided. Instead, you better check and helped direct the kind of healthy drink may be consumed by children. Read further to learn information about a healthy and nutritious beverages for children!

Sugary drinks can cause various kinds of health ailments such as tooth decay, diarrhea and poor appetite. Milk occupies an important position in the list of healthy drinks for kids, because it acts as a rich source of calcium needed by the body to ensure the health and growth of bones and teeth strong. There are several varieties of milk to meet the market such as full cream milk, skim milk skim milk low in calories which is more recommended for adolescents and adults. But for children under the age of 2, should be given milk, because the energy requirements as well as their growth is still high. Need to be observed also, consume excessive amounts of milk can cause poor appetite, so limit your intake of approximately 2-3 glasses of milk per day. Drinking milk with artificial sweeteners should be avoided.

In addition to a healthy and nutritious beverages, encourage your child to eat fresh fruits, in this case does not include fruit juices. Since fruit juices contain high sugar content and is not always appropriate for consumption of children, especially those that already have excess weight. Soft drinks should not be given to children, especially toddlers. Mineral water (water) is one of the natural drink fat-free and calorie free. Its advantages are many, so make it a habit to consume mineral water (white water) as part of your daily routine, at least about 8-10 glasses per day.


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