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Friday, December 2, 2011

Country Culinary Tours

Each country must have some special food with characteristics - characteristics and uniqueness of each - each. Although there are some foods that is the result of fusion or influence from other ethnic foods, this does not reduce the uniqueness of a country that would make anyone when eating traditional foods immediately thought of the food.
What Indonesia including in it?

1. Greece
Greek food is not that familiar in Indonesia, but the Italian food with pasta and tomatoes are not strangers to our tongue. So also with Turkish food like - like Arab food with meat, fat, and that new idea Greece with Italy is this effect using macaroni pasta.

With a taste of authentic Greek simple, Italy with tomatoes and pasta, with olive oil Mediterranean, Turkey with flesh, and Arabic with spices - a bold its spice made rich taste of Greek cuisine. Hope can quickly enjoy in Indonesia ...!

2. Mexico
You could say, Mexico foods are not mixed with the taste of other foods except the area around the U.S. because the food - the food Mexico has been there since thousands of years taken by the Inca and Aztec Indians and then dimoderinisasi.
Examples of Mexico's cuisine, Pambazo, Flautas, Champurrado, and Dulce de Leche

Like most European food, food Austria is very classy. Type - the type of food yangdengar name alone makes shrunken wallet! Moreover, Austria famous as the birthplace of musicians - musicians and artists who are also classy and Austria are associated with the building - especially opulent concert hall in Vienna (Vienna).
Characteristic of the strongest Austrian food is on the pastry and cakes.

European food is always won at the cake and one of his trademark is the jam. That the above is Apfelstrudel, pastry filled with apples, cinnamon, and raisins. Picture number two is the Sachertorte, a chocolate cake with apricot jam. and the third is Kaiserschmarrn is pancakes with raspberry jam.
Wiener Schnitzel is a food such as meat without bones with crusty bread and lemon or raspberry sauce. This food is very famous and characteristic of Austrian food.

4. India
Indian food found in various parts of the world. although of Indonesia, eating Indian food should still be - a strong heart or spice make a surprise! But definitely you should already be familiar with curry, bread cane, rice biryani, and martabak, right?

5. China
In every corner of the country, certainly no such thing as Chinese food. Chinese food is divided into four types and then subdivided into eight. The four categories of Chinese food is Cantonese in Guangdong Province, Southern China. Guangdong is the most popular foods, including in Indonesia because many Cantonese people who migrate. You must be familiar with salted egg, right? Yes, these foods are foods native of Guangdong, called Ham Aap Dam.

6. Korea
Good news for fans of K-Drama! Nah wrong indeed, thanks to K-Drama and boybandnya, the famous Korean culture, and even began to shift Japan. Korea began ogled as a fashion mecca and tourism new idea Bibimbap? Yes, Korean food is indeed famous. But first, Bibimbap should only be eaten by the royal family. Just as well as guksu, native Korean noodle-like noodles but thicker. This Guksu macam2 later processed into food, for example Japachae, Faceb guksu, and jjolmeyon. When viewed from the picture, nice fit tuh eat winter (or rainy season in Indonesia)

7. Italy
Who knew pasta baseball? Spaghetti? Makaorni? Lasagna? Ato other types of pizza kind? Italian food is arguably Europe's most Indonesian food. From the start of the most expensive to least expensive, Italian food can be found where the - where.


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