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Friday, December 2, 2011

Typical Indian Sweet Snacks

Whose name is Indian food, in our brains would have imagined the food with an extra level of spiciness. Indeed, besides the famous Indian food using a variety of chili, it also uses a variety of spices that are not dampen the burning sensation of chilli there, but instead will strengthen the existing heat.

Well ... The best way to reduce heat chili, it turns out according to the Indians is by eating foods sweetened dessert style. Make no mistake, it turns out you know loads of sweet foods make your teeth hurt a la India. They often make these sugary foods from the milk, ghee (melted butter) and sugar. There are so many kinds of sweet snacks that we can try to know!

If you want to try sweet snacks a la India, looking for a sweet snack makers known as Halwai. They usually have the expertise to make this sweet snacks were hereditary, and many found in various parts of India, both north and south, although with a distinctive flavor and texture of each region.

Gulab jamun

This dessert is a ball of dough made from milk solids, and then fried. This food is very famous in India. Gulab jamun is usually served with sugar syrup mixed with rose water or mace. According to the Caucasians, the best way to enjoy it is served hot with vanilla ice cream plus. One variation of Gulab jamun is Kala Jamun (Kala means black). Gulab get extra dough on prepared sugar. Because the heat of the pan, then the sugar will turn into caramel and black in color donated this jamun.


This sweet foods derived from Western India, Gujarat rather plain. Sweet snacks this one had a lot of kinds of color variations, usually between the orange, yellow or sometimes red. These foods are made from dough which is then shaped like crackers and fried in hot oil banaj once. Sweetmeats are better eaten warm warm, because it tends to quickly become mushy.


Ladoos or Laddus are fried balls of flour and sugar, which is then mixed with various ingredients, such as cashews, almonds, raisins, etc.. Some types of laddus even made from peanuts and sesame seeds and then mixed with sugar syrup to lengkat and form a ball. Laddus not only eaten as snacks or desserts, but also as a dish in Indian religious ceremonies and also party wedding


Not fish, but sweet foods commonly available in many parts of the world India. Bicycles are usually made from milk solids commonly called Khoa, obtained from the thickened milk. Impositions, such as Indian food in general have a wide variation due to be combined with various other ingredients as well as mace, cardamom, and some other types of seasonings.


Kheer or sweet rice porridge can be found in various forms in India, North India, the food is made by boiling rice, milk and sugar, while in areas of southern India, this dish called Payasam. Usually in these foods are added various ingredients such as cardamom, raisins, pistachios and almonds. Payasam in South India, more use of coconut milk instead of milk. While other variations are made using materials such as thin noodle (like noodles) and milk, is a typical dish Lebaran among India's Muslim population


Perhaps this Barfi is the most common sweet snack in India. This snack is a snack that you will always find easily in a variety of Mithai (Indian snack shop). Barfi will be laid out neatly with a variety of shapes and colors. Barfi is a maker of materials condensed milk and sugar cooked until more viscous and finally solidified. Various colors Barfi determine mixtures of materials. The green color means that the earlier Barfi contain pistachio nuts, almond barfi means white, while the cream is barfi Kaju Barfi, which contain cashews, Barfi is a favorite in India.


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