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Sunday, December 4, 2011

For Health Benefits of Seafood

Seafood (seafood), which has long been known to be very good for health, few examples are:

1. Mackerel Fish or Fish Bloating.
When compared with salmon, bloated fish turned out to contain more omega-3 and selenium. You know that selenium is highly recommended that is useful for keeping our immune. In the body, selenium together with proteins to form the antioxidant enzymes. These antioxidants to counteract function substances that are harmful to the body such as mercury.

2. Sardine
For palilng high nutrient content, sardines arguably superior. Besides containing lots of omega 3 fatty acids and also, sardines also contain calcium and vitamin D is good for bones. The content of koenxim Q10 (CoQ10) contained in sardine meat is very good for heart health.

3. Tilapia or Tilapia Fish
When other fish contain omega-3, then equip it with Tilapia omega 6. For those of you who have high cholesterol, fish may be an option as compared to other types of fish, Tilapia fish contain very low cholesterol.

4. Haddock Fish

Types of fish that is widely available in these cold waters contain magnesium, vitamin B6 and niacin are very high. In addition, the content of phosphorus contained in meat is also quite high compared to other fish species. Phosphorus is useful in helping the body digest fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K. And the most superior of the species of fish Haddock is the protein levels equivalent to levels found in beef, with a lower number of calories.

5. Seaweed
Who does not know seaweed. These marine plants contain lots of vitamin C, B-6, iron, calcium, and fluoride which is very needed for growth and healthy teeth and bones. Besides also rich in fiber is good for our digestive system, in the seaweed also has a number of proteins and carbohydrates are abundant. Carbohydrates 40% of the weight is a reliable energy source.


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