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Sunday, December 4, 2011

5 Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

Chocolate is one of the many culinary favored mankind throughout the hemisphere. Chocolate is often entered a shopping list and a lot of people keep it to eat at a later time.
But, what if the chocolate is too expensive and the price is hard to reach ordinary people? The following are the five most expensive type of chocolate in the world.

1. Chocopolagie

* Creator: Knipschildt * Price: U.S. $ 2,600 (about USD 26 million) per 450 grams
* Place: Norwalk, Connecticut
Chocopolagie discovered by Fritz Knipschildt, a chef who studied culinary in Denmark. In 1999, Knischildt created one of the most delicious chocolate in the world.

The most expensive chocolate is priced U.S. $ 250 (about USD 2.5 million) per fruit for the dark chocolate truffles. Black truffles in it comes from France and is only available if booked in advance.

Truffle Valhrona composed of 70 percent cocoa Ganache mixed with soft and handmade truffle oil. As a final touch, truffles dusted with cocoa powder.

2. Noka

* Creator: Noka Vintages Collection
* Price: U.S. $ 854 (about USD 8.5 million) per 450 grams
* Place: Dallas, Texas
Noka chocolate is the best compilation of black-specific plantations in Venezuela, Ivory Coast, Trinidad and Ecuador.

Noka chocolate is chocolate with the second highest price in the world. Chocolate is made from 75 percent pure cocoa with other mixtures such as cocoa butter and sugar.

The uniqueness of this chocolate manufacturers are not adding any type of emulsifier or vanilla flavor in their chocolate products.

3. Delafee

* Creator: Delfee ©
* Price: U.S. $ 504 (about USD 5 million) per 450 grams
* Location: Neuchatel, Switzerland
For female fans of gold, might be tempted to taste Delafee, chocolate made from 24 carat gold flakes form for any chocolate made by hand. Delafee Chocolate is made from sugar, coconut oil, cocoa butter, milk powder and vanilla.

4. Richart

* Creator: Richart ©
* Price: U.S. $ 120 (about 1.2 million) per gram
* Location: Lyon, France
Richart chocolate might only ranked fourth most expensive chocolate in the world. But Richart excellence consists of 70 percent cacao Venezuelan Criollo, which is recognized as a country producing the best quality chocolate in the world.

Richart chocolate is cocoa in fine cocoa powder to produce the best flavor. Some types of Richart chocolates among other chocolates with almonds, raspberries, strawberries and other exotic fruits.

5. Godiva

* Creator: Godiva "G" Collection
* Price: U.S. $ 117 per pound
* Place: New York City, New York
Godiva comes from one of the country is famous for its chocolate products from Belgium. Manufacturers of chocolate Godiva Chocolatier introduces new chocolate collection, "G".

The entire collection of "G" is composed of various ingredients and flavors such as pallets d'Or, Tasmanian Honey and Mexican Hot Chocolate. Depending on the type of chocolate bon-bon produced.


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