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Friday, December 2, 2011

5 Superlady American Food Favorites

ARTISTS famous the world is not only good at singing songs, also an expert in matters of eating. Call it the Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Victoria Beckham.

Check out these foods five famous female artist of the following:

Mariah Carey

Of course, the American superstar is eating foods containing healthy for the body, not merely to satisfy the stomach. Mariah Carey, for example. Ex-wife of Tommy Mottola was very fond of pizza, Italian food that is now the darling of society in the world.

However, not just any pizza. Owner of the album "Daydream" is more eating pizza made with the dominance of vegetables in it. Although not denied by him, still there are some small pieces of meat and sausages in order to increase appetite.

So, naturally when artists born March 27, 1970 is quite fussy when ordering pizza. When the order he wants one, Mariah was reluctant to eat them.

But now, his favorite eating pizza could no longer be followed because the woman who was born in Huntington, Long Island, New York is pretty good care of his body a little bigger. Strict diet must dilakoninya. Mariah did not dismiss itself when it encounters the greatest difficulties and temptations in their lives to resist the desire to eat pizza.


Different again with R & B singer, Rihanna. Although it was forbidden by his physician not to eat her favorite chocolate ice cream, Rihanna still can not shake off his penchant.

For him, chocolate ice cream is a comfort themselves when the owner's real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty is stressed or too tired. Not only that, for him not to eat ice cream a day just to make her life felt empty.

Besides likes chocolate ice cream, singer of "Pon de Replay" is also like the food there is lots of water content like fruits so that the meal was not saturated.


Another case with Madonna. Although age is not young anymore, keep eating habit since young still maintained by him until now.

Former basketball player Dennis Rodman girlfriend is even more serbasayuran food choices, especially if you meet authentic Mexican food will be very hardcore.

Burrito, one of the typical Mexican food is his favorite. Burrito become a snack for him. These foods are filled with vegetables, like carrots, green beans, lentils, and avocado blended with mayonnaise as a flavor enhancer.

In addition to burritos, pizza also included one of his favorite foods. Owner of the album "Like a Virgin" is also always spend time to eat pizza in the area of ​​Manhattan, not far from where she lived.

Victoria Beckham

When Mariah Carey and Madonna loves pizza, in contrast to Victoria Beckham. Wife of footballer David Beckham is prefer bread.

Bread is consumed almost every day, even while containing her fourth child. Smear of marmalade and roasted cup of hot tea plus an option when breakfast.

The former Spice Girl is also prefer the healthy bread because the thought of him not only ourselves, but also the child who was unborn at the time. Bread wheat was chosen for his health. In one day, Victoria could spend 4 pieces of bread.

Britney Spears

While Britney Spears, including the women are very concerned about health, let alone in every concert has always campaigned on a matter of bad junk food for the human body.

Given a little backwards, if initially the woman who soared through the song "Ops, I Did It Again" is indeed very fond of junk food, like hotdogs, burgers, and pizza. Before deciding to stop eating junk food, in a week he could constantly eating junk food.

Britney was aware of the bad effects of junk food to health. Therefore, he decided to no longer eat them.


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