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Monday, January 9, 2012

Beware, Drinking Water While Eating

You have a habit of drinking a lot when you're eating? It looks like you should immediately change the habit. Therefore, a sip of water when eating was found to inhibit the digestion in the stomach.

Counselors microbiotic from India, Shonali Sabherwal, say, when eating is not the right time to satisfy your thirst. "People do not know how to drink water while eating their digestion difficult enough," said Sabherwal as quoted by the Times of India.

Research shows that drinking a little water during the meal is not a concern. However, drinking a glass or two drinks can interfere with digestion. The researchers found that it is best to drink water before eating and two hours afterwards. This helps in the absorption of nutrients.
Sabherwal said that drinking water while eating can dilute the concentration of stomach acid (HCl). To digest food, your body requires a certain concentration of HCl. However, because they drink lots of water, the concentration of HCl is reduced. As a result, only a few foods that can be digested by the body. This, if allowed to continue could cause various diseases.
Stomach acid, in addition to aid digestion also functions as an anti-bacterial. If the stomach is not working optimally, will be able to affect the work of other digestive organs become more severe, causing an imbalance of metabolism.

In order to not feel thirsty when eating, Sabherwal called for not too much to eat salty foods. "Make sure your food is not too salty because it will further create a thirst," he said. Digestion in order to keep it running well even without assisted by water, he suggested that chew slowly. When chewing, mouth secretes enzymes that help break down food so that the task of digesting food in the stomach becomes lighter.


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