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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lose Weight With a Raw Vegetable Diet

Lose Weight With a Raw Vegetable Diet
Is looking for ways to lose weight? Usually diet with avoidance of carbohydrates, fat or sugar. One that's worth a try diet is a diet of raw vegetables. Hmm .. what are the rules of this diet?

Raw food diet is one diet that has many benefits. Raw food diet is believed to lose weight. What exactly is this raw food diet?

Raw food diet based on foods in the natural state is good for the body. While not planning to lose weight, but the raw food diet also can maintain your weight. If you want to lose weight and have a diet of raw food should be consumed raw, but can also cook some food.

This diet is good for the body and can lose weight. Some people say the cooking process can eliminate important enzymes and absorb nutrients in food. The foodies are commonly called "Foodists" believe that during the heating process on food enzymes will be reduced and may cause health problems including weight gain.

Anything that can be eaten when raw food diet to lose weight? Clearly the most abundant sources are fruits and vegetables, because fruit and vegetables have a delicious flavor when eaten raw.

There are several ways to still enjoy meat when raw food diet to cut weight. Such as sushi and sashimi, ceviche, shabu-shabu and carpaccio. The menu usually raw meat dishes are very healthy.

Although no definitive scientific proof whether the raw food diet to lose weight. However, this diet will most probably help you lose weight, because raw food is not through a process of heating or adding oil when processing that can damage the enzyme. You can get fat from raw nuts and fruits.

Many raw foods culinary lovers and some scientists agree that many of the nutrients can be obtained from the diet of uncooked or cooked. Several studies have shown that cooking vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage as a cancer fighter will be lost benefits after cooking. Nutrient deficiencies are the most common is vitamin B12, which occurs naturally in animal products after it is cooked in high temperatures.

How do I prepare the food while melakuakn raw food diet, so not only eat carrots, peppers and cucumbers all day. If you want to eat raw bean seeds should mean dry beans and soak-kacanagn for one night until the beans are soft.

Juice is the most common way to do this diet. Make juice from fruits favorites, add vegetables to supplement nutrition. But be careful for the use of sugar in the juice because it will get the extra calories.

Using a blender or food processor is an easy way to prepare food on this diet. You can make hummus and even pasta and soup gazpacho vegetables are cooked as long as not more than 118 ° F.


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