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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dubai Ice Bar-Restaurants cold of temperature below 0 degrees!

Want to feel eating in a restaurant with a decor of ice? Drop into the Dubai Ice Bar. Ice is not just decoration but to be the main ingredient in this restaurant. Starting from the plates, glasses, to benches, chairs, decorations and walls made ​​of ice.

The room restaurant with a capacity of 40 persons is divided into three parts. Lobby and lounge area separated by the Buffer Zone, which is the room while before you actually get into the lounge. So the body is not surprised by the cold temperatures. In the Buffer Zone, the temperature about 5 degrees centigrade, and in the lounge, its temperature to below zero degrees.

To come here, should have prepared warm clothes from home. Room temperature is very cold like a freezer do require visitors to use the attribute warmers. Also provided rental super thick jacket, gloves and shoe warmers. The price is about Rp. 155,000.00 which includes a drink.

Dubai Ice Bar is said to be a place that must be visited by tourists when visiting Dubai. This place is not the first in the world, having previously been a restaurant of its kind in America, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, London, and Italy.

Behind the unique impression, the restaurant was also criticized for using electrical energy with very large capacity in this desert country. Energy consumption in Dubai is very high, because the use of air conditioning in homes, malls, cars, and other public places without knowing the temperature.

Dubai Ice Bar needed 40,000 tons of ice to make 2400 a box shape. Everything is designed with detail, and carefully carved and cut at Iceculture Inc.. in Canada, then shipped to Dubai.

Dubai Ice Bar provides a menu of cheese, juices, mocktail, and warm dishes that fit perfectly to keep warm. Food should be eaten immediately, because after 15 minutes, the food will be cold due to low room temperatures.


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