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Monday, November 28, 2011

50 Most Delicious Food in the World

Rendang is a traditional cuisine of meat Indonisia, with beef as main ingredient. Padang cuisine is not only sold in Indonesia but also to overseas. In addition to beef, rendang also use coconut (karambia), and a mixture of various spices typical of Indonesia in between Chili (Lado), galangal, lemongrass, onions and various other spices are usually referred to as (the cooker).

Well Rendang recently named one of 50 most delicious food in the world. Want to know what delicious food in the world, here's the list:

1.Kari Massaman, Thailand
2.Neapolitan Pizza, Italian
3.Chocolate, Mexico
4.Sushi, Japan
5.Peking Duck, China
6.Hamburger, Germany
7.Penang Assam Laksa, Malaysia
8.Tom Yam Goong, Thailand
9.Ice Cream, American
10.Chicken Muamba, Gabon
11.Rendang, Indonesia
12.Sheperd 's Pie, UK
13.Corn on the cols, the global
14.Doughnut, American
15.Kalua pig, American
16.Egg Tart, Hong Kong
17.Lobster, global
18.Kebab, Iran
19.Nam tok moo, Thailand
20.Arepaz, Venezuela
21.Croissant, France
22.Brownie and Vanilla Ice Cream, a global
23.Lasagna, Italy
24.Champ, Ireland
25.Buttered Garlic Crab, India
26.Fajitas, Mexico
27.Montreal Style Smoked Meat, Canada
28.Pho, Vietnam
Beefsteak 29.Ohmi-gyu, Japan
30.Goi Cuon, Vietnamese
31.Parma ham, Italy
32.Ankimo, Japan
33.Fish n Chips, UK
34.Maple Syrup, Canada
35.Chilli Crab, Singapore
36.Texas BBQ pork, Texas
37.Chicken parm, Australia
38.Frensh Toast, Hong Kong
39.Ketchup, American
40.Marzipan, Germany
41.Stinky Tofu, Southeast Asia
42.Buttered Tost with Marmite, UK
43.Tacos, Mexico
44.Poutine, Canada
45.Chicken Rice, Singapore
46.Som Tam, Thailand
47.Seafood Paella, Spain
48.Potato Chips, American
49.Masala Sin, India
50.Buttered popcorn, USA.


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