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Monday, November 28, 2011


Based on the basic ingredients, the cheese can be made from cow's milk, buffalo, sheep and goats. While the texture of the cheese is classified into two types, namely young cheese / soft (soft cheese) with a water content of 36-40% and old cheese / hard (hard cheese) water yield 25-36%.

1.Camembert. Soft cheese from France was first made in the 18th century in the village of Normandy. Comembert made from cow's milk, the texture is very soft with a creamy yellow color. This cheese contains fat between 45% - 50%. In addition to delicious digado or as a table cheese, also suitable for mixed omelette, souffle content, pancakes or apple pie.

2.Ricotta. Ricotta cheese from Italy. Soft cheese from cow's milk is very brittle texture. Fat content is high, reaching 65%. combination of savory flavors and delicious with the fragrance feels right to make combined with Italian pasta dishes like lasagna and spaghetti.

3 Brie. Brie soft cheese category of Preancis. Characteristic of this cheese is the white outer skin and the inside soft melt. The aroma sharp and high fat content (45%). Brie is very suitable for use as an ingredient mixed salad, eaten with olive fruit and pickle.

4.Cream Cheese. In the market we can find two kinds of cream cheese, double cream cheese is the first choice with 65% fat content and cream cheese (45% fat) other options. In contrast to other types of cheese, cream cheese has a slightly sour taste. This cheese is generally used in desserts, such as chesse cake, as the content of pies, or eaten with pieces of fruit.

5.Mozzarella. Mozzarella is an Italian cheese originally from buffalo milk. Soft cheese with a fat content between 40-50% is very Specific nature. Mozzarella will melt when baked, is perfect for pizza toppings and mix fritata.

6.Edam. One of the popular Dutch cheese. Hard texture with a nut-like aroma. Fat content of cheese is about 40%. What distinguishes the cheese is wrapped in layers of packaging which always kind of red wax. Edam is suitable for dry cake mix such as cookies or sprinkles on a variety of grilled dishes.

7.Parmesan. One type of hard cheese from the town of Parma, Italy. It is generally cylindrical with a light yellow color. Hard texture, suitable for grated cheese. The smell of Parmesan fairly sharply as curing process is quite long, between 14 months to 4 years. This cheese is perfect for topping pizza, soup and processed various pasta. Fat content of cheese about 61%.

8.Cheddar. One type of cheese from England's most widely consumed throughout the world. It was delicious with the scent is not too sharp cheddar made suitable for any cooking. Dish casseroles, soup, sandwiches and salads taste better with the addition of this cheese. Cheddar contains 48% fat with a curing period of 9-24 months.

9.Emmenthal. The origin of this cheese comes from Switzerland, one hard cheese that is quite popular. Emmenthal have characteristics different from other cheeses, a unique shape because if the cut will be seen the holes are formed during the fermentation process. The cheese is much preferred because of the taste soft and rich aroma.

Benefits of cheese

From some research results eating cheese can reduce after menstrual syndrome symptoms and strengthens bones. The content of various minerals that are high on the cheese very well to protect teeth from caries, is because the last element of an email can amplify the mineralization of the teeth.


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