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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Amazing Benefits of Water

About 80% of the human body consists of water. Brain and blood are the two important organs that have a moisture content above 80%. The brain has a component of the water as much as 90%, while the blood has a component of 95% water. At least, normally we need 2 liters a day or 8 glasses a day. For smokers this amount should be increased by half. Water is needed to replace the fluid that comes out of the body through urine, perspiration, respiration, and secretion. The doctors also recommended that 8-10 glasses of water consumed each day so that your metabolism is running fine and normal.

Less Water, Danger For Blood

If Ukhtiy consumes less than 8 cups, the overall effect is not felt. But as a consequence, the body will balance itself by taking the source of the components of the body itself. Among the blood. Lack of water for blood is very dangerous for the body. Therefore, the blood will become thick. As a result, the journey of blood to transport oxygen and nutrients can be impaired.

Blood is thicker it will also pass through the kidney that functions as a filter or a tool to filter toxins from the blood. Kidney has a very fine sieve, so if you have to filter the blood is thick then the kidneys have to work extra hard. It is not possible kidney could be damaged and will eventually have dialysis or in medical language called hemodialysis.

That influence is less water to blood work and kidney. Then what about the brain? Blood is thicker trip will also be hampered as it passes through the brain. In fact, the brain cells consume the most extravagant food and oxygen carried by blood. So that the function of brain cells is not running optimally and can even die quickly. These conditions will increasingly lead to a stroke. Therefore do not let the lack of water!

9 Benefits of Water

1. Streamlining the digestive system

Consuming adequate amounts of water every day will facilitate the digestive system so that we will avoid digestive problems such as ulcers or constipation. Burning calories will also be run efficiently.

2. Water helps slow the growth of cancer-causing substances, plus prevent kidney stones and heart disease. Drinking water will make the body more energy.

3. Beauty treatments

When Ukhtiy less drinking water, the body will absorb the water content in the skin so the skin becomes dry and wrinkled. In addition, water can protect the skin from the outside, as well as moisturize and nourish the skin.

To maintain the beauty of anything, cleanliness of body Hares really be considered, plus a glass of water 80-10 glasses a day.

4. For fertility

Increase testosterone production in men and estrogen in women.

According to research from a bacillus thrombosis research institute in London, England, if a person is always showered with cold water circulation and the body feels fresh and fit. Bathing with cold water will increase the production of white blood cells in the body and increase a person's ability to attack the virus. In fact, a cold shower in the morning can increase testosterone production in men and estrogen in women. With so fertility and sexual excitement will increase. Also improves skin tissue, nails healthy and strong, not easily cracked. Well, make that lazy lazy morning shower or even bath (astagfirulloh!) must begin to change his habit tuh ...

5. Heart healthy

Water is also believed to participate cure heart disease, rheumatism, skin damage, Papas tract disease, intestinal, dap femininity disease, etc..

Even today quite a lot of alternative treatment that utilizes the efficacy of water.

6. As a stroke drug

Hot water not only used to treat various skin diseases, but also effective for treating paralysis, such as stroke. Therefore, the water can help strengthen back muscles and ligaments as well as expedite the circulatory system and respiratory system. Effect of heat causes dilation of blood vessels, increase blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, thus preventing muscle stiffness, relieve pain and calm the mind.

The content of ions, especially chlorine, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and sulfate in hot water, helps the dilation of blood vessels thus increasing blood circulation. Besides the water pH is able to sterilize the skin.

7. Effect of relaxation

Try standing in the shower and feel the effects in the body. Shower water that falls into the body feels like a massage and be able to eliminate fatigue because it feels like a massage. Some alternative medicine experts say, that contact with a fountain, a walk around the waterfalls, or rivers and parks with lots of showers, will get benefits of negative ions. Negative ions which arise due to water droplets collide it can ease the pain, neutralize toxins, fight disease, and help to absorb and utilize oxygen. Negative ions in the blood flow will accelerate the delivery of oxygen to the cells and tissues.

Not only that if you experience muscle tension can be relieved with warm water bath temperature around 37 degrees C. While our aching feet are often recommended to soak the feet in warm water mixed with a little salt. Well, if you have a shower at home Ukhtiy try to bathe and enjoy the results. Oh yes, the shower in the house also produces negative ions.

8. Attenuate body

Water also is eliminating impurities in the body that will be faster out through the urine. For those who want to attenuate any loss, drinking warm water before eating (making it feel somewhat satisfied) is one way to reduce the amount of food intake. Moreover, the water contains no calories, sugars, or fats. However, it is best to drink water at medium temperature, not too hot, and not too cold. Want skinny?, Drinking water only.

9. Fitter body

Efficacy of water not only to cleanse the body, but also as a substance that our bodies need. Ukhtiy may be more able to survive food shortages less water than a few days. Therefore, water is a major part in human body composition.

The amount of water in the body decreases, the function of body organs will also be decreased and more easily disturbed by bacteria, viruses, etc.. However, the human body has a mechanism in maintaining the balance of incoming water intake and expenditure. Thirst in every man is a normal mechanism in maintaining the water intake in the body. Water body needs approximately 2 to 2.5 l (8-10 cups) per day. Total water demand is already included water intake from food (such as soup, soup, etc.), beverages such as milk, tea, coffee, syrups etc.. In addition, water intake was also obtained from the metabolism of food consumed and tissue metabolism in the body.

Well, water is also released by the body through urine and sweat. The amount of water released by the body through the urine of about 1 liter per day. If the amount of feces in healthy people spent about 50 - 400 g / day, aimya content of about 60-90% weight of feces or approximately 50-60 ml of water a day.

Meanwhile, water is wasted through sweat and airway in daily maximum 1-liter, depending on the temperature of the surrounding air. Not to mention the expense factor of water through breathing. Someone who has a fever, the water content in the breathing will increase. Conversely, the amount of water that is inhaled through a breathing reduced due to low air humidity around it.

The body will deteriorate if the water content decreases and we do not immediately meet the water needs of the body. U.S. cardiologist, Dr. James M. Rippe gives advice to drink a liter of water for at least more than what is needed our thirst. Because the loss of 4% fluid alone will lead to lower our performance as much as 22%! It is understandable if the loss of 7%, we will begin to feel weak and lethargic.

Just so you know, the more activity the more the water is drained from the body. For that reason, health experts warn not to drink only when thirsty habits much to drink, whether it is hungry or not, is a healthy habit!

If the college in air-conditioned room, it is recommended to drink more because the air is cold and dehydrated the body faster. Many drinks will also help the skin does not dry quickly. In the room where the temperature is not fixed even though it is recommended to get a drink does not feel thirsty to balance the temperature.


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