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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Unique McDonald's menu that's on the Country Specific Only

Globalization creates some boundaries for infasi style, especially of western liberalism. Since food is a vital need for humans, especially fast food is very popular among busy people, or people - practically minded people, then the industry such as McDonald's have the opportunity to continue to grow and open many branches in many parts of the world ..
McDonald's did from America with a style of presentation and menus are created with the style of Americana ...
but McDonald's also doing development in its branches in many countries, follow the culture and uniqueness of each culture ..
and the following 10 Unique McDonald's Menu The only exist in certain countries Only

10. KiwiBurger
From: New Zealand

McDonald's introduced KiwiBurger in New Zealand in 1991 and since then has become a sandwich fast food Futurama saji.Tidak, not because it is a tasty sandwich made with a large size, with many fans, but because the menu is constantly canceled
It is planned for the cancellation of the end of 2009, but what really into it is anyone's guess, because you can still find some places that allegedly took. And why not, just check what happens in it: beef, tomatoes, lettuce, onions (to a good start), bit (? GHA), eggs (? Really?) And of course birds kiw ... What?
Actually there is no kiwi bird in it ...

9. Mc Lobster
From: part of Canada, New England

McLobster, after 3 months of painstaking research on my part has shown, is the main lobster.Bahan lobster sandwiches and bread. This sandwich actually been around for several years and even planned to be introduced to a national restaurant.

8. McRice Burger
From: Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines etc.

In another example of how an international menu items McDonald's clearly thought out by children aged 10 years, this is Asia.Tidak rice burger, it's not the rice between two slices of bread. That would be ridiculous. Rice is formed into bread with beef or chicken in it. You know how people always complain that you can not eat rice with your hands. This sandwich is actually quite popular in Taiwan and as McLobster has no plans to possibly create a permanent McMenu items.

7. McSwarama
From: Israel

You know, there are a lot of talk about the pain and suffering throughout the world, but the tragedy one that is often overlooked is how some people can not enjoy a good 'slab of beef fried with bread for religious reasons.
It is with such people in mind that McDonald's has created McShawarma for the Israeli market. That's one for the Jewish kosher menu items, and consists of turkey shawarma in pita bread. But is not it's still basically the meat in a kind of bread?
Well, yes, but the main difference here is that the meat grilled, not fried,

6. Spam and Eggs
From: Hawaii

In 2002, 78 restaurants in Hawaii began testing set dinner consisting of rice, spam and eggs. Although the spam in the U.S. mainland is recognized as a synonym of "lips and anus pig" was actually quite popular in Hawaii, so it may not seem strange to them.

5. Mega Teriyaki Burger
From: Japan

Typical typical American diet has a relationship with erotic delights Teriyaki sauce, so why McDonald's Burgers Teriyaki is not sold in all countries. and only sold in Japan is the birthplace of sauce

4. McCurry Pan
From: India

McDonald's is the largest purchaser of beef in the world. In India cows are considered sacred. McCurry Pan is McCreation original, created specifically for the Indian market.
It's kind of crispy bread box (as in, a box made of bread) stuffed with mushroom cream sauce, broccoli and peppers (there is also a chicken version).

3. McLaks
From: Norway

In 1997, McDonald's introduced the sandwich salmon in Norway for some early success. Unlike regular fish sandwiches, McLaks intended to be more regional, healthy and low in fat, which means that there are actually used to be a huge demographic Norway who went looking for healthy food at McDonald's.
But the sandwich was stopped after giving a large number of food poisoning.

2. Gallo Pinto
From: Costa Rica

Not all of them have the honor to be called your national dish. Each item of food with claims rooted deep in history and culture of the country originate, captures its essence in one delicious package, eaten that should be treated with the respect it deserves. Then there is Gallo Pinto, the national dish of Costa Rica you can get at their local McDonald's. The plate itself is very simple. Basically, it's fried rice and beans, mainly eaten for breakfast. McD version is also served with scrambled eggs and sour cream.

1. McWedding
From: Hong Kong

McDonald's offers weddings in Hong Kong!
Two things to be the main reason is that McDonald's has an image which is generally better in Asia than in the West and that the marriage there is also insanely expensive.
Wedding Reception offered by McDonald's in one of their restaurant as a couple and their party guests with food burgers, fries and shakes.


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