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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Various Typical Japanese Food

Know Various Japanese Typical Foods

Japanese cuisine, the food is cooked by cooking a uniquely developed in Japan and use of food ingredients derived from Japan and surrounding areas. In Japanese, Japanese food called nihonshoku or washoku.

Sushi, tempura, shabu-shabu, and sukiyaki is a popular Japanese food outside of Japan, including in Indonesia.

Here are some typical food from the land of cherry this:

This dish consists of a bowl (domburi) of rice covered with a variety of side dishes like beef stew (Gyudon), chicken and eggs (oyakodon), fried shrimp (tendon) or fried bacon and eggs (katsudon) with tofu and pickled soup. They often eat this because it costs more affordable.


Tempura is seafood or vegetables dipped in batter and fried, served with tempura sauce and daikon. The word "tempura" is derived from Portuguese 'tempero' (sauce) and this dish originated in the mid-16th century, when Portuguese and Spanish culture was first introduced to Japan.


This is a delicious vegetable soup with beef cooked in a large nabe and dipped into a bowl of raw eggs that have been destroyed. Vegetables are usually used are leeks, shiitake mushrooms and chrysanthemum leaves (shungiku). Also added with tofu and noodles (shirataki), ingredients cooked in a sauce made ​​of soy sauce, sugar and sweet rice wine.


For this dish, we can dip thin slices of beef in a pan of boiling water for a few seconds and then had the beef dipped in sesame sauce (Goma dare) before we eat. Then, vegetables like Chinese cabbage and Enoki mushrooms, tofu and shirataki added. When cooked, these foods are dipped in soy sauce and citrus sauce (ponzu). After the beef and vegetables has been completed, udon can be added to the pan and eaten with the addition of other Seasonings such as broth, garlic, chives and daikon. This is the most Economical foods in Japan


It can be described as a tasty cake Japan. Vegetables and chopped meat or seafood mixed with batter and cooked on a griddle. As with the other cake, Okonomiyaki can be reversed in order to mature on both sides. then on top covered with special sauce and mayonnaise and sprinkled with nori and dried fish flakes (katsuobushi) and fried egg.


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