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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is it safe Ingredients Cooking Equipment you?

Nowadays more and more sophisticated cooking equipment only. Not only the shape and style that follows the modern lifestyle. Ingredients also uses high technology that allows us to cook with the practical.
Frying pan or stainless steel and are coated nonstick has spent years helping mothers work in the kitchen.
But from the health side, many possibilities can occur due to the use of quality cookware is less good. Toxic chemicals could be hiding behind your cookware.
Materials cookware what you need to look at?

Nonstick coating
Material coated nonstick cookware is a very exciting discovery for the housewives. No more fish in the frying pan charred and sticky. No more struggling to clean sticky pans full of food.
With nonstick cookware, we can also use less cooking oil. That is, much less cholesterol when cooking.
But that does not mean the material is safe for health. The material originally used in military equipment is also storing hazardous substances.
Health studies show, nonstick cooking equipment can remove chemicals like perfluoropropionic and benzene. Ingredients that can cause health problems that arise when the nonstick coating to peel because of scratches or sharp objects as improper use. Suppose heated to temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius.
Enamel cookware made eye it looks very tempting. This allows the material enamel cookware appear in a variety of bright colors and interesting patterns.
But perwarna material used contains chemical substances such as manganese, cadmium, and sebagainya.Bila occurred scratches on the color layer, can cause the release of metal ions on the material. Similarly, if heated at temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Celsius.
The solution, when using this material you should be more careful not to scratch the enamel cookware bebahan.
Plastic container is a practical choice for storing food. Both raw and cooked ingredients. But the plastic material composed of various components of the hazardous chemical. Especially when you use a cheap plastic equipment.
Should you choose plastic equipment that has been proven safe through the quality test. Notice the label on the product is safe for health plastics. Although it costs a bit more expensive, as long as your health is assured da family. Cheap material that is not necessarily safe could pose a greater hazard.


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