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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hoka Hoka Bento started a lot in Indonesia country

Hoka Hoka Bento or sometimes abbreviated Hokben is a network of franchised fast food restaurant that serves Japanese food based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Until now, Hoka Hoka Bento has 141 outlets spread across the island of Java and Bali. Hoka Hoka Bento name itself comes from the Japanese language meaning "a wide range of bento" (rantangan typical Japanese food).

On 18 April 1985, Hoka Hoka Bento was first established under the auspices of PT. Eka Bogainti. The company was founded in 1985 in Jakarta by Hendra Arifin. With the first restaurant located in Kebon Nuts, Central Jakarta. Hoka Hoka Bento serves Japanese food is varied, hygienic, fast food with affordable prices and comfortable atmosphere. This makes the Hoka Hoka Bento as a restaurant with the concept of "Japanese Fast Food" in Indonesia.

Hendra as the owner of PT Eka Bogainti interested in developing Japanese-style fast food restaurants because in 1985 the concept was not yet exist in Indonesia. He also made ​​study visits to Japan and then buy a license to use the brand and technical assistance in Indonesia Hoka Hoka Bento. Initially, Hoka Hoka Bento Japanese take-away food business (message capture / take home). Today, Eka Bogainti have full copyrights to brand the brand Hoka Hoka Bento. Meanwhile, a similar effort with the same brand in Japan is not there anymore. Despite offering Japanese cuisine, proprietary brand of Hoka Hoka Bento is 100 percent owned by Indonesian citizens.
In 1990 Hoka Hoka Bento restaurant first opened outside of Jakarta, in Bandung. Up to now there are 17 outlets in the city. Hoka Hoka Bento first open stores in Surabaya in 2005, and until now there are 13 branches in Surabaya. In 2008 also opened the first stores in the city of Malang. In 2010 Hoka Hoka Bento expand into the region of Central Java, Yogyakarta and Bali.


Food packets at Hoka Hoka Bento.
Hoka Hoka Bento serve a variety of Japanese food fast food, but not like the way the presentation of fast food restaurants in general, restaurant outlets are arranged lengthwise like a buffet cafeteria where customers move along a heated stainless steel buffet table, while selecting the various types of choices of food, beverages and for dessert. Hoka Hoka Bento unit serves both a la carte menu or package.
The food served at this restaurant is popular Japanese dishes, such as yakiniku and teriyaki (with a choice of beef or chicken), sukiyaki, gyoza, katsu and various other types of fried foods such as furai ebi (fried shrimp), Kani roll (fried crab rolls), and others. Although present ourselves as a Japanese restaurant, but Japanese cuisine is served at this restaurant has been adapted to the taste of Indonesia, for example a stronger flavor and also presents a popular spicy sweet sauce of Indonesia. This restaurant is initiated and owned by the people of Indonesia, not Japan, so it does not offer authentic Japanese cuisine.
Hoka Hoka Bento also offers food packages for children called Bento Kidzu to include toys, as well as birthday party packages at their restaurant outlets. Both the logo and toys are offered is usually based on the mascot Hoka Hoka Bento.

Food (units)

Beef Teriyaki
Beef Yakiniku
Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Yakiniku
Blakkupeppa Chicken (Chicken Ladahitam)


Chicken Katsu
Ebi Furai
Chicken Egg Roll
Kani Roll
Shrimp Roll
Spicy Chicken
Tori Baaga


Tofu Chicken Nana Mon
Shrimp Ball Nana Mon
Shrimp Dumpling


Hoka Hoka Bento offers a variety of packages or a set menu meal consisting of a combination of several food units.


Ebi Fried
Shumai Furai
Tori Pop Corn


Green tea (Ocha)
Fresh juice (with or without ice): Tomato, Carrot, Melon, Watermelon, Orange, Passion Fruit and Special Mix.
tea Bottle
Nana Mon konyaku
Nana Mon Lemonade
Milo Nana Mon


Ogura ice
Ice Bird's Nest
Koori konyaku Brown
Koori konyaku Lychee
Koori konyaku Strawberries
Moka pudding
Chocolate pudding
Subtle caramel pudding


Hoka Hoka Bento mascot is a pair of children's character with the style of Japanese manga drawings, namely Taro; boy with blue shirt, and Hanako; girls dressed in red. Both of these characters into the logo as well as the mascot of this restaurant.

source wikipedia


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