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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cuisine United States

U.S. Cuisine (Cuisine of the United States) is a type of cuisine that developed in the countries of the United States, ranging from the mainland to the islands of Hawaii. These dishes United States has been popular in various countries around the world as economic ekspanasi and American restaurant outlets that sell hamburgers, fries, hot dogs, pizza (with its own peculiar) and barbecue. Reflecting the influence of various immigrant and native tribes, the United States cuisine is one of the world's richest culinary.

New England

Thanksgiving Day Cuisine

New England cuisine is influenced from the culinary traditions of European immigrants in the past and is still maintained until now. The recipes reflect the influence of Britain, France, Ireland, Netherlands and Scandinavia.
The most visible British influence on the cuisine of Boston, which handed down by the Puritans who is rich in cooking methods like boiling, boil-dry (braising), grilling, baking, boiling lots of soup (stewing).
Each state has a unique individual, but Maine has the most colorful traditions. Here there is the influence of Scotland, France and Germany, which can also be found in the recipes of New Hampshire and Vermont. In Massachusetts, the most powerful Irish culinary tradition, while at the Rhode Island cuisine Portuguese cuisine there.
Most of New England still maintain the traditional way of cooking the meat marinate for example in the surplus from being damaged. The result is salted pork, salted cod fish, and corned beef. Another preservation method is to be frozen in ice or snow.
Vegetables and fruit used to garnish sweet pies are eaten in the summer. This area is typical of the pie like apple pie with cinnamon and nutmeg, a typical Maine blueberry pie, and chicken in a pot pie (chicken pot pie) are served for gatherings.
The materials used include the results of prey such as venison (deer meat), rabbit and hare, and then there are turkey, duck, salmon, chicken, flounder, mussels, prawns, cod, simping, strawberries, corn, cranberries, nuts nuts, pumpkin water, maple syrup, and fern fiddleheads (a type of nail). Type your favorite foods such as pickles, salt pork, corned beef, sweet and sour sauce (relish) (sauce of vegetables or fruit), molasses (sugar syrup), baked beans, as well as Thanksgiving Day meal.


Pepperoni pizza

Since the past, the area is rich in agricultural produce which was first cultivated by Dutch immigrants, then Sweden and Finland.
Unique traditions which are still retained by the original Amish and Shaker way of life that reject modern times.
In urban areas, especially New York City, the culinary influence of foreign cuisines, such as Italian, Jewish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Caribbean, Mexico and so on.


Southern cuisine influenced by immigrants from France, Scotland, Ireland, England, Spain, the Indians (natives) and black African descent.
The main ingredients are widely produced pork, corn and seafood. Grill-roasted or barbecue that has been known throughout the world comes from this region and stems from the way the Indians roasting meat over a fire which was introduced to the new settlers. Barbecue in each state develops with sauce, the term dry rub (dry sauce) or a wet rub (liquid sauce) are different-different.
Along the coast, seafood is produced while in the southeastern part of the results obtained hunted meat, sweet potatoes, potatoes and beans. Distinctive cuisine potato pie and pea soup.
The most famous drink is used as a mixture of bourbon mint julep cocktail.
Gulf Coast

Gumbo, Louisiana cuisine

States in the bay area has a climate that allows the products of agriculture and plantations flourished. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida is known to have the most colorful culinary in the United States.
In Florida, particularly the south, is rich in seafood cuisine with the influence of the Hispanic Caribbean, so it is often termed as Floribbean. Seafood dishes are used for materials such as red snapper, grouper, sea foam, shrimp, mackerel male and conch. Florida also produces oranges and grapefruit in large numbers.
In Mississippi and Alabama there is a Choctaw Indian cuisine pengharuh seen from the method of roasting in a beehive oven (oven beehives) and Hominy meal, dry corn boiled in milk. Agricultural products grown in the bay area include soybeans, corn, rice and wheat.

Louisiana cuisine is a unique blend of recipes and blends Spanish, African, German, Italian, French and Indian War produced by creole communities (Creole or Criollo), a mixture of the Indians with Hispanic, African and Caribbean countries. In the 18th century , came Akadia French people who migrated from Canada to the region Bayou, Louisiana and New Orleans. [4] their cooking techniques combined with the way the Indians and started calling them Cajun group. [4] Cuisine Cajun people associated with meat broth, food sea, roux, herbs, trinity (onions, green peppers and celery) and alcoholic beverages.
New Orleans cuisine is tasteful creole Cajun traditions combine again with the typical ingredients of spices, crayfish (freshwater crayfish), roots, herbs, and rice. French influence appears from the use of roux and cream. Hispanic traditions can be seen from the use of pepper, and spices, its representation is the gumbo, which also vary according to the recipe variations immigrants who made it. If the basic roux recipe French, Spanish influence seen from the use of the trinity, ekra representing Africa, sausage and pork recipes influenced by Germany and there are tomatoes or herbs, if formulated by Italian descent.


The nomads and settlers from the east who settled in the Midwest developed a method of cooking with a fireplace, cooking in a pot and preservation for the long winter supplies. People came from various European countries brought their culinary traditions of each. Scandinavians settled in the Dakotas and Minnesota bring smoked fish and stew recipes. The Germans and Poles settled in Wisconsin and Illinois to bring the tradition of making sausages, beer and cheese. Representative cuisine with ingredients from farms and ranches in this area such as smoked fish, smoked meats, jerky and stew.


Southwest regional cuisine consists of Indian cuisine, Mexico and Hispanic immigrants, known for its spicy flavor due to the use of many spices and chili. Agricultural products produced, among others, white cumin, coriander, cinnamon, garlic, onions, oregano and chili. Dried or fresh chili liked condiment made salsa.
The ingredients for the cuisine is snake meat, antelope, pheasant, rabbit, trout, sea bass, cactus, pine nuts, pumpkin water, maize, beans and chili.
Texas cuisine is one of the Southwest representative, consisting again of 4 different areas. North texas culinary traditions such as the Old South (13 of the earliest American colonies), east bay area affected, the center received the influence of citizens of German and English descent, while the Hispanic tradition of southern influenced Mexcico and termed the Tex-Mex.


Eastern coastal areas of Washington, Oregon and California is one of the major food producers. Here thrives corn, wheat, and various types of agricultural and plantation products. Cooking was influenced by the nations that come in there that is Hispanic, English, German, Scandinavian, Chinese, and Japanese, with a combined population of Indian cuisine. In Washington, various foodstuffs produced such as salmon, shellfish, fruits, berries, plums, pears, peaches, cherries, blueberries, and hazelnuts. California which is the largest food producer United States produces a wide range of vegetables, fruits, wine, and seafood are cooked into ethnic cuisine.


Alaska natives are Eskimo, Aleut and Indian. Dishes they most hunted animal meat such as salmon, whales, seals, caribou, polar bears, mountain goats and so on. The arrival of new settlers from Russia, Holland, Scandinavia and Germany due to the Klondike Gold Rush introduced a sourdough starter (dough acid), meat and lard, coffee and tea. Nowadays modern agricultural lands and fishing activities have been able to produce various types of food such as salmon, halibut, crab, potatoes, vegetables, nuts and fruits. Even the vegetables Alaska is known for large size which is bred in the polar climate conditions in the summer so that will receive sun all day. Residents of Alaska enjoys cooking pot roast, stew, dishes with sweet and sour sauce, pickles, bread and fruit pies .


Hawaiian cuisine reflects the cultural diversity of tribe. Here, the original Polynesian descent alongside the settlers of New England, China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand and so on. Szechuan cuisine is spicy and stir-fry cooking methods represent the Chinese culinary. People of Asian descent mengkonsumis rice as a staple food. French influence had just emerged with the proliferation of tourist resorts which opened the French restaurant. Native Hawaiian cuisine Portuguese bean soup and fish as well as banquet luau.


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