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Monday, December 12, 2011

Avoid the 14 Food Diet

There are some foods you consume a diet that is dangerous to the diet and will make you fatter. Many food producers diets that confuse consumers for its products and its reputation was not clear.

If you often read articles about healthy foods to the diet at Prevention.com, maybe you are interested in buying the same food. Likewise we, want to live healthy by buying these foods for health protection, such as "sphagetti sauce" with Lycopene (tomato sauce) or foods that contained the label "reduce fat", "low sodium" and "grain material," but at least shopping carefully and should stick with your diet program.

You should also remain critical to food diet that actually makes you fatter. If you eat low-fat cottage cheese, it turns out that food has a higher sodium than potato chips. Or do you prefer low-fat pasta salad that after examination contain much sugar is almost equal to two "chocolate chip".

The truth is that any diet food producers do not want to compromise on taste choose a product, but rather the products have a content such as sugar, salt, and fat. Here are 14 diet foods that can ruin your diet program:

1. Fast food chicken salad
2. Frozen chicken
3. Dinner pasta
4. Low-fat cottage cheese
5. Packaging boxes of rice pilaf
6. ketchup
7. Fruit juice cocktail
8. Low-fat ice cream
9. Low-fat pasta salad
10. Veggie chips or vegetables
11. Greek yogurt
12. popcorn
13. chicken sausage
14. frozen meat


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