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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kinds, Types and Definitions / Definition of Equipment or Tools for the Kitchen Cookery

1. Stove
Furnaces are devices used for cooking with wood fuel. Anglo is a cooker which includes traditional and still widely used in rural and poor areas. Furnaces are generally made of clay or brick.

2. Brazier
Anglo is a natural cook who run with charcoal fuel made from iron or clay.

3. Kerosene stove
Stoves to cook food using kerosene fuel. Kerosene stoves are members of many components such as rope wick, place oil, chimney fire, place the pot and others.

4. Gas burner
Gas burner is used with natural gas fuel or liquid petroleum gas, aka LPG. BBG much preferred because of the clean exhaust emissions and combustion products are good.

5. Hotplate
This stove uses electrical energy which is then converted into heat energy in the form of fire.

6. Coal Briquette Stoves
Briquette stove using pieces of coal as fuel. Once ignited briquette stove can not be turned off, so it needs to be taken into account the number of briquettes used before cooking in order to avoid unnecessary waste.

7. Oven or Microwave
Microwave oven and heat together a room that had previously been filled food would be cooked. Ovens can be gas-fired, kerosene, briquettes and so forth. Microwave typically uses electrical energy is converted into a very hot wave microwaves.

B. Tool of the Upper cook

1. Cormorant
Cormorant is a tool for cooking rice that is made of copper that looks like a magician hat backwards.

2. Langseng
Langseng is a tool for cooking that has two separate parts are then combined when cooking, where the bottom filled with water, which for want of food that is cooked.

3. Pot or kettle
Percolator is a tool for cooking water when boiling will release steam at the end of the muzzle and whistling noises.

4. Wok or frying pan
Skillet can be made from aluminum or stainless steel metal that serves for frying or sauteing cuisine.

5. Pot
The pot is a cooking appliance to boil or cook foods that contain water that can be made of aluminum or stainless steel metal.

6.Presto Cooker
Presto cooker and mengempukkan serves to soften the hard foods with high pressure. Presto cooker is usually useful to soften the thorn fish, chicken bones, and so forth.

C. Kitchen Tool Kitchen Tools for Cooking or Other

1. Tampah
Tampah is a tool made of woven bamboo for menampih rice to be cooked into the rice

2. Rice ladle
Ladle is a tool to take the rice made from wood. Kinu ladle is also found in plastic materials, iron aluminum, etc.

3. Cutting board
Cutting board is a tool as a base food that would be sliced.

4. Grated / Grate
Grater to grate the material is to serve foods such as coconut, cassava, potatoes, carrots, ginger, and so forth.

5. Mortar / pestle and mortar / ulek-ulek
Mortar is a tool for grinding food into smooth. Usually used to smooth the flavor to be cooked.

6. Irus
Irus is a tool to stir the watery vegetables or dishes made from coconut shell, iron aluminum, etc.

7. Blender
Blender comes from the blend is a tool for smoothing and mix the wet food. Blender is usually used to make juice / fruit juice and vegetables.

8. Mixer
Mixer is a tool to stir the food dough.

9. Toaster
Toaster is a tool to bake bread that uses electric fuel.

10. Rice Cooker
Is a tool to cook rice automatically with electrical energy.


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