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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gelato – in Eropa ..

Gelato – in Eropa
There is one thing that always exist in almost every tourist in Europe: gelato. Ice cream is always sweet soft prima donna with a wide selection of flavors.

One of my friends from Germany said, "If you go to Italy, you have to eat gelato. Just be. "It makes me wonder, what difference is it with gelato in Jakarta?

A few months later, I had the opportunity to visit several countries in Europe. Certainly the message my friend I did not forget, eat gelato!

In various places I visit starting from Paris, Barcelona, ​​until of course Italy, gelato is not difficult to find a seller. Price of ice cream in the bustling tourist areas ranging from 2 euros for a single scoop.

Gelato Bar
Although gelato is Italian for ice cream, many say they are different. Gelato is considered lighter because it has a milk fat content is much less than ice cream manufacturer. Well, the obvious gelato has become an interesting and tempting dish to try.

In the area around the Duomo, Milan, Italy, I found a shop that specialized in selling gelato. Because many people packed, automatically I'm also interested to enter.

In this shop I was first asked to choose a brown liquid that will be filled into the cone (whether white chocolate, etc.). After that I just choose the desired taste. In closing, I can choose what toppings you want as a complement.

Flavors of ice cream is soft and sweet immediately made me smile when tasted. If too sweet, mixed with a little bite more bitter cone. Do not be too long to spend it. Because the texture is lighter, gelato is more easily liquefied when exposed to body heat of the hand.

Gelato cartoon
Throughout my trip to several cities in Europe, almost every booth has a different taste. Starting from the general taste like chocolate and vanilla, then the various flavors of fruit, to the refined taste sweet snacks like Reese or Ferrero Rocher. Finally, I also agree with my friends, if they travel to Italy, do not forget to taste the sweetness of gelato!


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