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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jazz Cat Restaurant

Jazz Cat is a restaurant where the young Los Angeles-togethers on the weekends. Not surprisingly, this place is always packed every night of the week. Even visitors must be willing to queue just to get a seat. That's because the atmosphere is cozy Cat Jazzy and elegant, so that visitors linger at home.
As the name implies, Jazzy Cat is a restaurant that delivers a strong jazz feel. Each time, the music of jazz ear pamper guests, while the tongue were treated to special menus. It was a harmonious blend.

Matter of taste not to worry, all the menus in Jazzy Cat processed from fresh ingredients and done with hygienic by skilled hands.

Menu options are also available with a wide variety. No less there are 22 kinds of soups on offer by the Jazz Cat. One of the favorites menu is Jazz Cat House menu, the soup is served family secret recipe is taken from the owner of the Jazz Cat.
With mini-shabu hotpot is served according to the taste, the menu has become one of the favorite menu in Los Angeles.

Besides food, drinks menyedikan Jazz Cat that is equally diverse. Starting from tea, wine, up until the sake is also available.

But there is one that is not to be missed, namely the Blue Tropical drinks. Guaranteed you'll feel the sensation of different drinks.

Young customers fond of Jazz Cat Tropical Blue, because it is suitable to drink while accompanied by jazz music, either by pounding beats or soft.
If you are to Los Angeles, came to the Jazz Cat sempatkanlah to enjoy the atmosphere and menu.


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