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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Noni Benefits / Pace - Benefits of Noni Fruit

Noni Benefits / Pace - Benefits of Noni Fruit
Noni is known by the Latin name Morinda citrifolia. In Indonesia the name Noni is known by various names, such as pace, bentis, kemudu (Java), cangkudu (Sunda), kondhuk (Madura), bangkudu (Batak), neteu (Mentawai), keumudee (Aceh), tibah (Bali) or rewonang (Dayak). But internationally, noni better known as 'noni' which is as typical of Hawaii or Tahiti.

Until now noni rarely get attention, because the fruit shape that tends to like the "ugly". In addition, also due to the less savory smell. But since Dr. Ralph Heinecke in 1950 found levels of xeronine in the fruit, noni is now like a target of many people.
Xeronine itself came to be known as a substance that can neutralize a variety of diseases, such as blood sugar, premature aging, and can lower cholesterol levels. Even some recent research indicates that this fruit as well as the eradication of cancer can be deadly.

Know Noni / Pace
3-8 m tall tree with a clear main stem. Flat-brimmed leaf, green and yellow. Hump-shaped flowers diketiak leaf. The fruit is bumpy irregular. Reaches 5-10 cm in length. grown on calcareous soil pace 1.000m altitude above sea level.

Ingredients and Benefits Noni
Scopoletin, these compounds act regulating blood pressure. When high blood pressure, help lower the scopoletin. Conversely, if blood pressure becomes low, he will raise it. In addition to antibacterial indicated, these compounds also regulate hormone serotonin, which helps reduce levels of anxiety and depression.
Morindin, this substance is efficacious in improving the body's defense system. In addition to the above two substances, PACE also contains gum, malic acid, citric acid, and antiseptic compounds.

Research Findings
Based on research, there are about 61 more efficacious compounds contained in Noni. They work synergistically and mysterious. For example, some compounds that play an active role in the treatment of certain diseases, it does not mean only the compounds that contribute to it. But it is supported also by other compounds. That is why consuming extraction properties of the compounds would be different than if we drank noni juice as a whole.

Say in treating blood pressure. Noni juice can increase blood pressure for people with low blood but on the other side can lower blood pressure for patients with hypertension. This phenomenon will not occur in noni fruit is extracted.

According to research dr. Mona Harrison of the faculty of Medicine, University of Bolton, the consumption of fruit juice will help provide hormone megkudu xeronine. Xeronine of Noni works contradictory. In patients with high blood pressure, xeronin lower blood pressure became normal. In patients with low blood pressure, blood pressure increases blood noni. In other words, noni juice serves as an adaptogen, balancing function of body cells.
Flashes Horizon: Some say that the noni fruit is not a pure substance xeronin company, but an enzyme called enzyme proxeronase and an alkaloid proxeronine. Where if we eat or drink fruit juice, then this enzyme in the intestinal wall will transform into the active substance xeronine proxeronine which will then be absorbed into the bloodstream leading to all cells and activates the protein-protein which is inactive, set the structure and form cell is active. With the production of antibody protein activation went well, because the main constituent factor antibodies are proteins. Xeronine also able to reduce the allergic process, preventing autoimmune diseases and asthma (Wake, 2002)
Contradictory effects Noni has also been studied by Y. Murati (1981) from the Faculty of Medicine Gadjah Mada University. Noni fruit juice provide very significant changes in the heart, namely reducing the strength of contraction of heart muscle, lowers heart rate and increase the number of coronary blood flow per minute.

Preclinical testing of the lower limbs cat show hypotensive effect, which lowers the resistance of blood flow (vasodilation) of blood vessels under the cat's limbs, but also has a hypertensive effect. research by A.M. Djojosugito et al. (1975-1976) showed, in noni juice at least there are two components that are the opposite.

In search Luki who never received his pharmacy education in Bandung, Noni juice also contains scopoletin. One of its functions, cleaning deposits in blood vessels causes arteroklerosis. Thus, the blood vessels to be flexible so that the heart pumps blood is not so heavy.

The results Dwiyanto FHA (1996) from the Faculty of Biology, Hadinoto et al. (1993) from the Department of Pharmacy UNHAS and I. Jumiati (1997) from Faculty of Medicine, the fruit of pace to have the effect of lowering blood glucose levels in mice. Mechanism of action of hypoglycemic glucose absorption through the intestinal barrier and increase the secretion of insulin.

So it does not work noni fruit directly reduce blood sugar levels. But enhance the presence of insulin that regulates blood sugar.

Pace also contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Eschericia Colli pathogens, Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus. This is reinforced by a study of Esther (1992) from the Faculty of Pharmacy UGM.
Anne Hirazu, I in his doctoral thesis to prove that Noni contains mature gum arabic and various types of glucose that has power and stimulate antitumor immunity. Aerta contain the active compound stimulates the pineal gland release serotonin and endorphins (the body's morphine). Why Noni is often used in drug treatment.


After years of research and experiments, health professionals have come to the conclusion that Noni has the power to cure and prevent most of the diseases. If Organic Noni Juice has been taken since childhood then chances of getting diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis etc are minimized by 99%

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