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Monday, June 25, 2012

12 Heart Healthy Foods-World Food and Drink

12 Heart Healthy Foods-World Food and Drink
FOOD is delicious in this article are good for your heart health. Including how to best store food.

Here is a food that will keep your heart healthy. As well as the proper way to store food so that benefits are not reduced when the consumption.

1. Almond

Almond nuts contain vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin E, magnesium and zinc as a whole will make your heart is in the 'mood' is good. Eating almonds 1/4 cups a day is much healthier than a bag of chips. Almond is a delicious breakfast you can intervene on your oatmeal. Hmm ... definitely delicious and tasty.

Storing tips:

Buy almonds roasted without salt and store in airtight container.

2. Asparagus

This potent green vegetables to keep your heart health. The content of folate, vitamin C and vitamin D will prevent your heart from inflammation. Moreover, the asparagus is also low in calories. You can process the asparagus by boiling and then given a splash of olive oil, lemon juice and a little sprinkling of parmesan cheese.

Storing tips:

Buy freshly harvested asparagus. The green can survive if kept on a regular cabinet, but for fresher, you can store in the refrigerator.

3. Red beans

Nuts contain vegetable protein, vitamin B, iron, and calcium. 15 grams in a serving of soup will help fight bad cholesterol that is harmful to your heart health. Just make a mixed bean soup tomatoes, carrots, celery and a little pepper.

Storing tips:

Buy dried beans and put in airtight containers and avoid direct sun exposure.

4. Blueberry

Almost all fresh fruits good for your heart health. But blueberries are the best choice. Fruit with dark purple-blue color is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, both are able to handle stress and low in calories so it is good for your heart. No need to be processed all kinds, you can eat them straight. Can also be made with a mixture of plain yogurt smoothie, smiling ...

Storing tips:

Buy fresh blueberries and store in refrigerator.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli contains vitamin B and foliacid, both of which help reduce stress and panic. In addition, natural nutrients to the heart is also good if cooked the right way. Broccoli is best when steamed or boiled for a short time. Then give a squeeze of lemon, extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with if like spicy chili powder.

Storing tips:

Buy fresh broccoli in a traditional market. If you want to store it in a long time, boiled broccoli with water that has been given a little salt for 3 to 4 minutes. Drain and place in container in the freezer. Broccoli will keep up to 2 months.

6. Brown

Not just any chocolate, but dark chocolate (with at least 75% cocoa content) will be good for relieving stress and good for your heart. A study at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania showed that eating 6 ounces of dark chocolate a day can lower bad cholesterol levels. For this one, do not need to be prepared all kinds, also delicious bite immediately.

Storing tips:

During the period is long expired, you can buy dark chocolate on a discount rack and store in a dry house in a closet and away from heat sources.

7. Green leafy vegetables

Spinach, kale, turnip leaf and green leaf vegetables are an amazing food because they contain plenty of iron, vitamin C, both are good for healthy bones, teeth and hair, but it contains vitamin A and magnesium will keep your mood. All the good nutrition will also be good for your heart. Vegetables can be anything you though, do not be too long to cook it so that its natural nutrients are not lost.

Storing tips:

Buy all the vegetables in a fresh condition. You can store it in the refrigerator and will last for a week. If you put in the freezer will hold for three months.

8. Lean Meat

Somewhat surprising is not it? Meat is usually not an option for maintaining heart health. In fact you can still enjoy red meat (beef, goat, sheep) without any fat. 4 to 6 ounces of lean meat to stay healthy for your heart because it is rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B which overall will make you more calm. Lean meat is your best presented in the form of steak.

Storing tips:

We recommend that you either buy lean meat in slaughterhouses. After the wash clean and place in freezer.

9. Salmon and Other Fish

The majority of marine fish contain vitamin B6 and B12 can help the body produce serotonin, a substance that will make you relaxed and happy. Marine fish also contains omega-3 is good to normalize blood pressure and reduces risk of heart disease. Serve the fish is baked or steamed.

Storing tips:

Choose fish with a freshness that is still good with the fishy smell fresh. Clean the inside of the fish and place in container and store in freezer.

10. Sweet potato

Colored vegetables are always good for your health, including sweet potatoes. Tubers of plants similar to potato contains antioxidants that will help keep your heart health. Even if the shape is not exciting, delicious taste and natural sweetness. You can cook with steam or sweet potatoes cut in small size and mixed with grilled chicken.

Storing tips:

Fresh sweet potatoes that you place in your home should keep out of the red onion because it will quickly be damaged. Keep away from heat as well make it more durable.

11. Walnuts

Walnuts are one type of bean that has tremendous benefits. The content of alpha-linolenic acid, which is part of the omega 3 can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. These delicious nuts can you eat as a snack. You can also mix in your breakfast oatmeal with a piece of blueberry.

Storing tips:

Just like other nuts. Buy walnuts dried without salt. Store in an airtight container and away from the reach of the sun.

12. Whole Wheat

Whole grains rich in fiber and can make you feel full longer. In addition, whole grains will supply the serotonin that will make you feel happy. Eating half a cup of whole grains a day will keep levels of bad cholesterol in the blood decreases. You can eat whole grains need to be watered only instant hot water to eat.

Storing tips:

Keep whole wheat in the dry container out of reach of the sun and make sure no moisture so as not easy to mold.


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