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Monday, November 28, 2011

Chili, Best Food "Burn" Tongue in the World

Ever heard the food was so spicy as to be used to drive an elephant? This is really happening.

If you think you have the guts to take a spoon and try foods that can make your tongue burn, here's a list of foods most "burn" the tongue version of Lonely Planet. Bhut Jolokia, India. Guinness Book of Records has certified the Bhut Jolokia, aka 'Naga Chilli' or 'Ghost Chili' as the hottest chilli on earth.

Not surprisingly, local residents in northeast India, where chilli is grown, has long been using it as an elephant repellent. As a reference, Bhut Jolokia has 200 times more pungent spiciness of jalapeno (chili pepper from Mexico). Bhut Jolokia is a staple seasoning some typical Indian curry.

Thai Yam, Thailand. Thai cuisine is one of the hottest food in the world. While yams or sweet potatoes are typical of Thai food.

A similar menu consists of soup lime juice, chili, vegetables, noodles, meat or seafood generally, and of course the yam itself. Chili pepper used in Thai food Yam called prík kee n? O aka bird's eye chillies.

Chili, Indonesia. Who does not know this one is as spicy foods cocolan any food. Ranging from fried chicken, grilled fish to vegetables can be dipped in spicy sauce to add flavor. Variations also exist a lot of sauce, ranging from chili paste, tomato sauce to mango. Phaal, India. Phaal is a type of curry emanating from Indian restaurants in Britain. Phaal this is one of the hottest curry, even more spicy than Vindaloo (curry originated from India as well).

Phall has achieved fame as a main dish of the hottest Indian restaurant. For example, Brick Lane Curry House in New York will provide free beer and a certificate to customers who can solve this Phaal, so spicy.

Hot Pot Sichuan, China. You sit at one restaurant anywhere in Sichuan, China, which presents the stove on every table. The waiter will put a big pot called a hot pot on the stove.

In the hot pot is, on the one filled with spicy fish broth that has been colored red pepper mixed with chilies and Sichuan, on the other side of the fish broth is tasty and not spicy.

Raw meat and vegetables that are available can you boil it with the stock. Seasonings that make it very spicy red broth is Sichuan pepper.

Peruvian Cau Cau, Peru. Peru won the prize for most food make people shed tears as South America, so spicy. Aji Amarillo chilli makes this dish so spicy, that is a yellow colored peppers are very spicy.

Curry mixture cau-cau is tripe and potatoes, sometimes also seafood, but always combined with turmeric, chili and mint daut. Potatoes and rice can accompany this dish cau-cau to reduce the spiciness cau-cau gravy.

Jamaican Jerk, Jamaica. The concept is simple food, meat marinated with spices and scotch bonnet pepper mixture for 12 to 24 hours so that the marinade soak into. Meat gets hot because the marinade.

Habanero Salsa Yucatán, Mexico. Habanero chili peppers from Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Here grew up with colorful chili. There are green, orange, red, and dark red.

Yucatan Habanero Salsa is made from chili peppers in a blender with garlic, lemon juice, salt, tomato and red onion. Suitable eaten together with corn, chicken, or seafood.

West African Pepper Soup, Africa. Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria have different versions of this soup in the process. Additional materials were different.

Sometimes that can be used chicken feet, tripe, fish, and often tomatoes, and red peppers make spicy taste. Especially when using scotch bonnet peppers. Served with white rice or fufu (pounded yam dough).

Vindaloo, India. Portuguese introduced Vindaloo to India when they sailed to Goa in the 16th century, and the name was derived from the Portuguese word vinho (wine) and alhos (garlic) as the original main ingredient.


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