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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Differences Ice Cream and Gelato

ICE cream with a unique character to be the target of the audience. At first, ice cream served as dessert. Now, ice cream can also be enjoyed as a main dish in all seasons.

To get it is not too difficult. The seller of ice cream can be found in front of the house, supermarket, or restaurant. Cold in the mouth may be the same, but the texture and taste that counts. Factory-made ice cream seems to be "out" for a moment, because now there are restaurants that specialize in providing dessert is said to have originated from Italy.

In Jakarta, in particular, there are many restaurants offering a variety of Italian ice cream with the uniqueness of each. In addition to ice cream, other cold dessert is gelato. In appearance almost no significant differences between the two. Only the author of different materials.

Gelato does not use cream, but only milk, eggs, sugar, and flavorings. Indeed, milk and cream have similar characters, but the end result could be very different. Gelato also has less calories because the ingredients used are fresh fruit.


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