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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

World's Most Expensive POTATO 5 MILLION Every KG

When imagining the kinds of food most expensive in the world, normally we would not imagine potatoes in it. But believe it or not, potatoes La Bonnotte is one of the most expensive food in the world, dubbed as the king of the potato. One kilogram of the price could reach $ 700. Maybe it's a bit silly, but that's a fact.

Types of potatoes can only be grown on the island Noirmoutier, an island off the west coast of France. Every year farmers there could only produce 100 tons. This is because this type of potato should be planted in the traditional way, aka disposable hand.

This type of potato tubers are very fragile so it is not possible to use the machine when pulling. In maintenance, these plants should be given fertilizer from algae and seaweed, so no wonder La Bonnotte potato flavor is a bit salty.

Potatoes are planted in February each year and harvested in May. Everything must be done uniformly or simultaneously, starting from the process of planting, fertilizing, and at harvest.

Delivery process must also be on the same day throughout the world. This is to maintain the quality and the quality of these potatoes to taste in one place the same as elsewhere.

How to cook was not arbitrary. Need a special recipes and special chef who has been taking cooking lessons on the island. A serving of french fries La Bonnotte average at USD 300.


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