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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adding Appetite Children and Toddlers

Child's appetite decreases caused by several things:

Lack of variety of food is processed.
This can be overcome by:

1. Tries with the same material but with different recipes, such as corn soup made in addition, can also be cooked for corn pancakes, or a snack such as corn cakes, corn porridge and so forth.

2. Adding snack with nutritious ingredients such as among the main food of cassava boiled and then mashed, then clenched, in it were given brown sugar, 1 egg dipped in egg mixture and then fried, or carrots (add meat if any) chopped, sauteed with garlic and scallions, enter the already drained rice noodles add a little soy sauce, sugar and salt to taste.

3. Stay always tried to be kids meals (main meal) 3 times a day so that the nutrients that enter the body of the child is awake, need to be notified on a domestic helper to feed the child to be patient and painstaking.

4. Adding a multivitamin in accordance with the condition and age of children for example in addition to breast milk needed coupled with the child's body (can be in consultation with the doctor of the child nutrition).

Soft transition to solid feeding (age 2 years and above).
This can be overcome with the ingredients:

1. Tablespoonful of sugar-sweetened lime juice to taste,
taken 2x a day after meals.

2. Fresh papaya leaf washed and crushed with
given a little salt and a little boiled water approximately 1 / 4
glass, squeeze the water and then drink as well.

Such abdominal pain abdominal pain normal, loose stools / diarrhea, intestinal worms, etc..
250 g and 500 g cucumber know made soup.
Handful of leaves pare fresh brewed with 1 / 4 cup water and then filtered and given 1 teaspoon honey and drink before breakfast.
5 carrots that have been dried crushed / grated to powder, brewed with enough water, drink 2x a day, 5 g each time a drink.

When the worms pinworms: 3 cloves garlic peeled, washed, until smooth chew, swallow and drink warm water, do 1-2x a day or a recipe: 1 / 4 green and 1 coconut grated carrots, mix these two ingredients with water glass materials, squeeze and strain, and drink at night before bed.

When the worms bracelet: 60 g fresh ginger crushed and washed and given a glass of water, then filtered and given 1 tablespoon honey, and drink 3 times a day or a recipe: 2 tablespoons papaya seeds are crushed and brewed with 1 / 2 cup hot water, then added 1 tablespoon honey and drink while warm 1x a day.


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