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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Food for babies 0 -24 months

In accordance with age infant / child development and the ability of infants / children receive food, infant / children aged 0-24 months were divided into 4 stages:

a. Baby food age 0-6 months
b. Age baby food 6-9 months
c. Foods children aged 9-12 months
d. Foods children aged 12-24 months

In special situations such as sick children or mothers working, feeding your baby / child needs special handling.


1. Only breast milk alone (exclusive breastfeeding)

Physical contact and suction the baby will stimulate milk production especially in the first 30 minutes after birth. During this period milk alone can meet the nutritional needs of infants. Keep in mind that breast milk is best food for babies. Breastfeeding is good for babies and mothers. With breast-feeding would nurtured bonds of affection between mother and child.

2. Give colostrum

Colostrum is the milk that comes out on the first days, thick and yellowish. Colostrum contains nutrients and antibodies that high.

3. Give milk from both breasts

Give milk from one breast until empty, then moved to the other breast, breast milk is given 80-10 times each day.


• Give only breast milk until the age of 6 months

• Give colostrum


1. Continued breastfeeding, given alternately from both breasts

2. Babies were introduced by MP-ASI finely pulverized form because the baby already has a reflex chewing. Examples of MP-ASI-shaped smooth include: milk porridge, biscuits plus water or milk, banana and papaya are crushed. Provide for the first time one type of MP-ASI, such as mashed banana. Give a little by little starting with the number of 1-2 tablespoons, 1-2 times a day. Provide for a few days constantly, and then be given the kind of MP-ASI others.

3. Keep in mind every time I give breast milk first new MP-ASI, ASI utilized to the fullest extent. MP-ASI administered as a liquid with a spoon, do not ever use a bottle and pacifier. The use of bottles and teats at risk in addition can also cause the baby / child diarrhea that can lead to ear infections.

4. Gives MP-ASI with bottles and teats for children baduta while sleeping can cause middle ear infections, if the MP-ASI enter the middle chamber.

5. Introducing new foods to the baby, do not be forced. If the baby is difficult to accept, repeat dosing at the time the baby is hungry, little by little with patience, until the baby is accustomed to the taste of food.


Continue breastfeeding
Give milk first, then the MP-ASI
Give finely pulverized food 1-2 times a day


1. Breastfeeding forwarded

2. At the age of 6 months the situation has been getting stronger digest tool, therefore, the baby began to be introduced by MP-ASI creamed 2 times daily. (How to make the attached).

3. To enhance the nutritional value of food, baby rice team added little by little with the source of fatty substances, namely coconut milk or coconut oil / margarine. Raw foods can add calories baby food, while providing good taste also enhances the absorption of vitamin A and other nutrients are fat soluble.

4. Each meal, give MP-ASI baby with a dose of at least the following:

At age 6 months - give 6 tablespoons
At the age of 7 months - give 7 tablespoons
At the age of 8 months - give 8 tablespoons
At the age of 9 months - give 9 tablespoons

"When asked for another baby, the mother may add to it"


1. At the age of 10 months infants were introduced to the family food gradually. Because it is a transition to family meals food, shape and density of baby rice team should be set gradually, gradually approaching the shape and density of the family meal.

2. Provide a snack once a day. Choose a snack of high nutritional value, such as green bean porridge, fruit, etc.. try to make your own snack that cleanliness is assured.

3. Babies need to be introduced to a wide range of foodstuffs. Campurkanlah into food lembik variety of side dishes and vegetables are alternated (attached). The introduction of various foodstuffs from an early age will affect both the healthy eating habits in the future.


Continue breastfeeding
Give soft food three times a day with a dose sufficient
Provide a snack once a day
Introduce your baby with a wide range of foodstuffs


1. Breastfeeding forwarded. At this age period have reduced the amount of milk, but it is a source of high-quality nutrients.

2. MP-ASI or the provision of family meals at least 3 times a day with half the adult food portions at each meal. Besides, it still provided a snack 2 times a day.

3. Observed by using a variety of foods Matching Food Ingredients. For example rice is replaced with: noodles, rice noodles, bread, potatoes, etc.. Chicken liver is replaced with: tofu, tempeh, green beans, eggs, fish. Spinach is replaced by: leaf spinach, carrots, tomatoes. Replaced with milk porridge: green bean porridge, porridge marrow, biscuits, etc..

4. Should gradually wean the child, should not be done abruptly. Reduce the frequency of breast-feeding little by little.


Continue breastfeeding
Give family foods 3 times a day
Give two times daily snack
Use a wide variety of food every day.

Sources: The Manual Provision of Complementary feeding


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