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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Health; Fruits Recommended For All Pregnant Women

Fruits Recommended For All Pregnant Women
During this pregnancy, I really like to eat fruit, but sometimes confused the good fruit of what? clear that the durian & pineapple should not be a lot. Any fruit that may be consumed?
All the good fruit and vitamin, provided we know its size.
Like the pineapple fruit if we eat too much then the pineapple in the stomach will "be making soda + acid reaction"
so it can be guessed if we consume too much like a pineapple we spend, then the stomach was bloated due to gastric acid in the soda react, finally happens we diaree - vomiting, vomiting and stomach cramps become

While fruits such as durian, jackfruit would "be a reaction towards alcohol" as a result of our stomach will feel hot and finally throw up and diaree.
Therefore if we're pregnant, it should be super careful with fruits according to their habitat.

What kind of fruit is recommended for pregnant women:
- Plum tomatoes
- Papaya, all papaya is rich in vitamin C
- mango
- Sweet orange
- Grapefruit
- Bananas, bananas are rich in calcium
- And many more buah2's the others, such as rambutan, watermelon, bangkoang, mangosteen, sapodilla, etc.

During pregnancy try super careful with the fruit of "barking", because pregnant women should consume foods it does not result in "kontipasi - hard CHAPTER"


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