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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cutting tool Apples Practical and Trendy

Often the difficulty cut fruit such as apples or pears? With this advanced tool and trendy, now all these hassles can be overcome. Plus colorful shapes that can make a bright look of the kitchen at home.

Apple Slicer Corer arguably is one of the must-have tool in every kitchen. Especially for those who like to eat fresh fruit every day. In fact, once you have it can say goodbye to the hassle of kitchen knives. Do not believe?

Apple Corer Slicer is shaped quite stylish and colorful beauty. As the name suggests, this tool is working to facilitate the cut fruit such as apples, pears, and other similar fruits. The shape is round with the center of the wheel radius as well as a small circle in the middle to throw an apple seed. Then comes also two handles on the left and right.

The middle section from Apple Slicer Corer of radius main function is to slice the apples into small pieces. Usually very sharp and made of stainless steel and stainless steel hardware. While the handles are made of stainless steel-coated rubber so it is not slippery and some are wrapped in thick plastic colorful.

Very easy to use once. Simply put apples or pears (peeled or not yet) on the table and adjust the position of Apple Slicer Corer over the fruit. Place the small circle in the middle of an apple seed. Then a strong push down until the apple split into several sections according to the mold that is in Apple Slicer Corer. Apples would be perfect split into several parts and ready to be served or eaten. How, practically right?

Apple Slicer Corer usually sold in a set but there is also an online store that sells a unit. For 1 unit Apple Corer Slicer is not too expensive at around USD $ 2.74, or approximately USD 25300.00. Now, keen to make it one of your kitchen collection?


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