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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to Make Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise or mayonnaise (mayonnaise) is one type of sauce made ​​from the main ingredient of vegetable oil, eggs and vinegar. Mayonnaise is generally used as flavorings in foods such as salads or sandwiches. Mayonnaise there is only using egg yolks only, or use lemon juice or mustard as flavorings.
In North America, used mayonnaise as a sandwich spread, sauce for french fries in Europe (mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and has expanded to England, France, most of Canada and Australia). In France mayonnaise used as a sauce to eat boiled eggs or cold chicken dish, while in Japan is used as a dip various foods such as okonomiyaki, yakisoba, takoyaki, ebi furai and pizza.
Mayonnaise is one of the sauces in French cuisine, so the mayonnaise can be used as a variety of basic materials for making a wide range of cold sauces and dressings such as:
Aioli: mayonnaise of olive oil mixed with garlic
Tartar sauce: mayonnaise with pickled cucumbers and onions in a bottle, but sometimes also added Capers, olives and boiled eggs lumatan
Russian dressing (Marie Rose sauce): mayonnaise with tomato sauce, yogurt and heavy cream
Thousand Island dressing: Russian dressing with pickles and spices
Fry sauce: mix mayonnaise, spices, tomato sauce and the other red sauce (Tabasco or Buffalo wings) as a dip for french fries
Mayonesa: lime mayonnaise flavor, commonly sold in North America at the grocery store Mexican or Spanish.

The origins of the name

According to the Oxford Dictionary Classic, mayonnaise was first used in English cookery book in 1841. Mayonnaise supposedly invented by a cook (chef) France named Louis François Armand du Plessis, duc de Richelieu in the year 1756 to celebrate the victory of France seized the port of Mahon (the capital of Minorca in the Balearic Islands). "Mahon" is the French spelling for the port of Mahon so that the sauce is created named "mahónnaise sauce" (sauce from Mahon). Mahónnaise Sauce is the origin of the word "mayonnaise", but the story is supposedly less trustworthy.
Other sources are more credible to say the name of Mayonnaise sauce is taken from the name of Charles of Lorraine, Duke of Mayenne from northwestern France. It is said that cold sauce with chicken eaten by Charles de Lorraine, duc de Mayenne called "Mayennaise".

History mayonnaise factory production

Store fresh foods (delicattesen) Richard Hellmann in New York was the first store that sells mayonnaise in jars in 1905. Mrs. Hellmann made ​​mayonnaise is marketed on a large scale in 1912 with a brand Hellmann's Blue Ribbon Mayonnaise.
At almost the same time, Best Foods began selling mayonnaise in the west coast of America as a rival Hellmann's Mayonnaise that debuted on the east coast. Best Foods to buy brand Hellman in 1932 and the two brands to remain the ruler of the market share of mayonnaise on the west coast and east coast of the United States until now.
In the southeastern United States, Mrs. Eugenia Duke of Greenville, South Carolina in 1917 founded a company called Duke's Product Company, which sells sandwiches. Mayonnaise made ​​by Mrs. Eugenia Duke became so famous that it becomes the only one who sold the company's flagship product. Mrs. Eugenia Duke's mayonnaise bought by CF Sauer in 1929. Until now Duke's Mayonnaise remains a local mayonnaise that is not sold in other regions in America and the only American mayonnaise that does not contain sugar.
Japanese mayonnaise is made from rice vinegar and has a different flavor than the western mayonnaise made ​​from distilled vinegar. Japanese mayonnaise is not sold in the jar, but in a thin transparent plastic bottles that can be squeezed. Mayonnaise is a condiment in Japanese cuisine. Ajinomoto Pure Select production and Kewpie mayonnaise which are the two brands in the domestic market share of Japan. In Japanese, which is always a big fan of mayonnaise adds mayonnaise into all the food you eat is called mayora.

How to Make

There are various ways of making mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is usually made ​​from a mixture of oil, egg yolk, vinegar, salt and mustard. The tool can be handmixer shaker mayonnaise, food processor, blender, or shaken manually by using an egg beater or a fork.
Mayonnaise can also be made of whipped egg whites are the origins of high speed using a food processor. Texture and flavor mayonnaise produced is also similar to mayonnaise of egg yolk.
In traditional French recipes, olive oil or safflower oil as the main ingredient of mayonnaise maker.
Homemade mayonnaise contains high levels of fat to 85%, while the factory production of mayonnaise contains about 70-80% fat content. Low-fat mayonnaise containing flour and other fillers to mimic the original mayonnaise.
Mayonnaise is made from raw egg yolk so that it can cause salmonella infection source. Make sure the eggs have been washed clean and use fresh eggs if you want to make your own mayonnaise. Homemade mayonnaise only hold a few days in the refrigerator.

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