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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Peek at the Global Almond Nuts

Who does not know this one is nuts, almonds. This savory taste beans favored by many people because it's famous cuisine. Not only used as a snack, almonds can be processed into some kind of dish, such as pasta, cakes, ice cream, and a sprinkling of chocolate.

Which has worldwide bean is rich in antioxidants. Some countries in the world also has a special recipe which is certainly nice to try. Let's peep some almond processing of the countries in the world.

China use almond as menu covers. Treated with a mixture of milk, usually enjoyed as a snack with the family warm.

Just as in China, almonds are also treated as menu covers. Amygdalota menu name is, is quite unique because amygdalota is renowned as one of the traditional Greek pastry. Cakes are usually required to be presented at the marriage ceremony, it was sweet and white.

Almonds in this country was made into a snack chaqalu badom. How to make it even easier almonds soaked in brine, dried and eaten as a snack. Snacks are sold on the roadside like boiled peanuts and roasted peanuts.

Almond amaretti used as a base, a dessert that was one of the traditional food in Italy. It was quite unique, because it is basically a bitter almond flavor, but that's what makes it attractive cake. Italy also process the almonds into a paste in mandorle almonds, and is also used as a complement to the cake, jam and chocolate.

Pasta almondd a base material cover a wide range of menu. While almondd fried, became one of the ingredients to make tajines, a traditional beverage and milk mixture almondd. These drinks are often present in traditional ceremonies and weddings.

In India, almonds used as a spice added to curry. There was also the almond halva cake, sweet snacks prepared from almonds and served with beautiful colors. There are also chips made from almonds.

Almost the same as in India, there are almond halva, barfi and almondd sofan used as a curry. But here, almondd also be used as the basis of a variety of soft drinks, one of which is Sherbet-e-Badaam, which served as a summer drink thirst conditioning.


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