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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Delicious Cuisine Fish Head from Singapore

Sometimes I confuse myself, is it true there is still a champion in Singapore cuisine that has not had time to my taste? In fact, already hundreds of times I visit this city since 40 years ago, and never miss an opportunity to taste all the dishes are recommended.
Several months ago, I was told about the discovery of fish head curry which was pioneered by Ah Kong 60 years ago. The name of the restaurant: Soon Heng. In it I explained that the fish is a typical Indian curry. However, only the head of the Chinese people who cultivate fish to eat. No wonder that Ah Kong was recorded in history as the pioneer of the fish head curry, this dish even though now considered a signature dish at several Indian cuisine restaurant in Singapore, such as Muthu's Curry and Banana Leaf .

Xin Yuan Ji

Soon Heng addition, there are more Chinese restaurants in Singapore is known for its fish head dishes. One is the Xin Ji Yuan, at Tan Quee Lan Street, more or less behind Bugis Junction. The diner is always crowded serves fish head curry and fish heads Nonya cooking.

Initially, Xin Yuan Ji first opened stores in a food court in the People's Park. Then move back to Bukit Merah. After rising in popularity, Xin Yuan Ji stores moving into place now. It's no longer a part of or the Kopitiam food court, but a restaurant that stand alone, in a prestigious area.

Bihunnya thick - similar terrain vermicelli - cooked chewy. Broth is thin and tasty, without feeling slippery on the tongue and mouth. Crispy fried fish head, without excessive saltiness. Although pieces of fried fish head, nor looks a puddle of oil in the clear broth. If you want intense flavor sauce, simply add soy sauce and chili slices are available. The waiter made a bone of torn magazine paper which is folded to form a square container. Elegant approach to the fish head bones are not scattered slob at the table. Understandably, people in Singapore and Hong Kong does have a habit to throw the bones scattered on the table.

Fish head vermicelli dish Xin Ji Yuan is very similar to a popular dish in Penang. The difference, in Penang cuisine is included in Kopitiam simple dish, not the class of restaurant. The price is cheaper, the head of the fish was more bone than flesh. Cuisine at Xin Ji Yuan perhaps two layers on top of that I have ever tasted in Penang. The difference again, Xin Yuan Ji had two versions of the fish head vermicelli, namely: use coconut milk or without milk.

If you do not like eating fish heads that many bones, there is also available rice noodles with fried fish fillets with no bones or thorns. Funny thing is, vermicelli fried fish price was more expensive than those made from fish heads. Apparently, the "struggle" to get the head of the fish is increasingly popular in Singapore to become a premium price. Head of the fish that is widely used is the snapper and grouper. Good for cooking is derived from a large fish with a minimum weight of three kilograms.

In addition to the fish head noodles priced at Sin $ 6.50 per share, Xin Yuan Ji is also popular with a dish of fish head curry snapper and snapper fish head cooked Nonya (Peranakan cuisine). The latter is without coconut milk, not too spicy, with a sour taste that is more prominent tomatoes, beans and vegetables is to replace bindih (okra). Very similar to sour spicy cuisine from Tanjungpinang. Frankly, because now my favorite is the fish head curry Soon Heng, Xin Yuan Ji then the dish should I acungi thumb precisely this Nonya cooking fish head. Smooth and mouth watering

Fish-head steamboat

Not far from Xin Yuan Ji, now there are several other Chinese restaurants that sell fish-head steamboat - Teochew cuisine. Even along New Bridge Road up to Jalan Sultan, there's more some Chinese restaurant that sells primarily fish-head steamboat. Everything is selling. That at the end of Jalan Sultan even always abundant visitors, with tables and chairs arranged in the road take more.

My favorite for fish-head steamboat is the G15 in a small alley near Geylang 15. You remember, right? Odd alleys of Geylang is the warehouse of a place to eat that are praised. However, even Geylang is the central hall of the famous brothel in Singapore. If according to my friend, K.F. Seetoh, an eat-Singapore teacher: "Across the fried chicken place here, where the flight across the chicken."

In the G15, which I particularly enjoy is the gravy. Like the Chinese eating habits at home, not the fish head is served whole, but has been cut into pieces to be easily lifted with chopsticks. In addition to pieces of fish, there is also a piece of taro and vegetables. Portions are very large. The smallest portion at a price of Sin $ 20 alone was too full to eat together without rice. Understandably, taro is already a glut of carbohydrate sources.

The quality of fresh broth truly makes me reluctant to add soy sauce. Soy sauce and chili slices provided only mencocol I use for fish, while the gravy is inhaled just like that without additional condiments.


In a recent visit to Singapore, I was also able to visit a restaurant that championed crab dishes. During this time, when it comes to crabs, usually tourists Indonesia sponsor restaurant No Sign Board (NSB), which has outlets in Geylang, Kallang, and Esplanade. NSB's most famous dish is chili crab sauce is abundant and steady dipped in bread or mantou (fried bread). Branch at Pacific Place, Central Jakarta, is also popular - even though many friends argue that the quality is not as good as in Singapore.

The new crab dish I tried was presented by the Golden Sands Restaurant. In terms of appearance, his class was under the NSB. Similarly, in terms of price, Golden Sands is much cheaper. Understandably, this place is just a small stall in a food court in Ang Mo Kio - a large residential area, with hundreds of middle-class-rise apartment building in Singapore, a bit far from downtown. These outlets are only open late into the evening.

In Golden Sands, crab dishes ordered most people are black pepper crab. Another dish that may be ordered here are: scallops broccoli, and head of Thai fish sauce. Steamed fish head first, then doused with boiling like tom yam soup thick. Mechanical steam fish head - not boiled in the soup - making special texture.

Visits to three places to eat it made me realize that Singapore Indeed I have not finished a culinary exploration. If we are diligent in asking to residents of Singapore who loves to hunt and diligently special foods, must have a list of good places to eat will become longer. In other words, Singapore has not been boring place to visit as a culinary destination. This is exactly the same as some cities in Indonesia which has a very rich culinary map and dynamic.


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