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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mahkota Dewa, Fruit Full Benefits

Odysseus, a Greek god to find people eat lotus flowers. On the Affairs of China, lotus flower, daylily, and chrysanthemum eaten for centuries. Colonies of the United States soldiers were cooking with acidic flavor of violets. That proves that eating flowers was done long ago. But, is not just any flowers can be consumed. Because there are also flowers that contain toxic and deadly. Humans can feel the efficacy of interest if the true and proper processing.

Plants are also effective to treat the disease. For example, flowers crown the god or Phaleria macrocarpa. Tree crown height of about 1.5 god - 5 meters with a greenish brown stems. Leaves single, elongated oval pointy toes. While the fruit is round with varying sizes. Young fruit color is green. While the old maroon. This flower nutritious treat diseases including: cancer, liver, kidney, diabetes. Crown gods had long been used as a medicinal plant by the nobles of Java. In Central Java known as Dewo Makuto. Previously, only to be found in Kraton Yogyakarta and Solo environment.

Tree Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa) is known as one of the medicinal plants in Indonesia. Originally from Papua / Irian Jaya. Crown of god is a plant species that grow and grow trees throughout the year, It was able to reach a height of 3-4m.Batang gummy consists of greenish brown skin and white sticks, It was rooted tunjang.

Leaves elliptical, Lansing, & hujungnya elongated tapered, flat leaf edges, surfaces smooth and hairless leaves.

Flowers are white crown of the gods and smelling good. Flowers are small flowers resembling cloves.

Phaleria consists of skin, meat, shell & seeds. Fruit is round, 3-5cm in diameter, smooth, grooved, when young, green and red color after cooking. White flesh, fibrous and watery.

Skin of the fruit shell is a seed that also includes a portion which is often utilized as ubat, It was necessary at first boiled.

Seed is the most poisonous plants Courant. The shape is oval diameter of about 1cm round & brown, the white portion.

Chemical Ingredients
1. Leaves: contain adequate antihistamines, alkaloids, saponins & polyphenols (lignans)
2. Fruit Skin: contain adequate alkaloids, saponins & flavonoids.
3. Fruit: alkanoid, tannins, flavonoids, phenols, saponins, lignans, essential oils & sterols.

The nature & Benefits
1. Fruit skin and flesh Fruit: mengubati dysentery (bloody diarrhea), psoriasis & acne.
2. Leaves and Seeds: mengubati various types of skin problems such as ekzim & gatal2.
3. Fruit: antitumor, antidisentri, antiinsekta, mengubati eczema, hepatotoxic & antibodies.

Components of the new lignans contained in meat extracts Phaleria berumus H2O molecule C6 O6 & structured 5 - {4 (-menthoxy-tetrahydrofuro-phenyl-[3,4-c] furan-1-yl)-benzene-1, 2 ,3-triol.

Between The disease can be Cured With a mixture of Mahkota Dewa
1. Kanser & Tumors
2. Eczema (Skin Diseases)
3. Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
4. Hipertansi (Blood Pressure)
5. Hepatitis (Liver Inflammation)
6. Rheumatic (joint pain)
7. Uric acid (Gout Arthritis)
8. Heart Disease
9. Kidney Disorders

- A portion of fruit seeds are particularly poisonous, It was necessary in boiled before eating.
- Pregnant women are prohibited from taking the results of this processing plant.

Phaleria contain several active substances such as:
- Alkaloids, is detoxification which can neutralize toxins in the body
- Saponin, which is useful as:
The source of anti-bacterial and anti-virus
enhance the immune system
enhance the vitality
reduce blood sugar levels
reduce blood clotting
- Flavonoids
blood circulation throughout the body and prevent blockages in blood vessels
reduce the cholesterol content of fat and reduce penumbunan on blood vessel walls
reduce the levels of risk of coronary heart disease
contains anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory)
act as anti-oxidants
help to reduce pain if there is bleeding or swelling
- Polyphenols
serve as an antihistamine (allergy)

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