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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Greatly supported the baby's health from the intake of foods for infants. Therefore, every mother should pay attention to foods that are a source of infant nutrition. One of the good food for babies is brown rice. Because brown rice contains a variety of substances important for good infant nutrition intake to be supporting the baby's health.

Some of the benefits of brown rice are:

The content of vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are quite high, it is suitable for the development of the baby's body. Because vitamins are spurring the formation of energy in the cell body of the baby.
Epidermis in brown rice contains substances that are very good for baby's brain development.
Brown rice contain high enough mineral that can be beneficial as the intake of the nutritional needs of babies is good for development and growth of hair, teeth, muscles and bones in infants.
Brown rice has a high fiber so it is good for babies digestion.
Contain iron is high enough, which can ensure adequate intake of iron a baby needs.
Substance content of thiamine at high red rice is very good for the development of neural networks and the baby's heart.
Phosphorus contained in brown rice is useful in the development of the baby's skeletal system.
Baby's health is very supported of infant sleep patterns. Infants with regular sleep pattern, having a healthier body. By eating brown rice, then the baby will have a regular sleep pattern. That is because the starch contained in brown rice can increase serotonin in the infant brain tissue, where serotonin has a role in setting the level of sleepiness, so the baby's sleep patterns can be more regular. Besides sugar levels in brown rice is more stable so that the baby is not hungry easily. It is very influential on the night sleeping infant, with stable levels of sugar in the body of the baby, the baby will be free from waking up at night because of hunger.

As an intelligent mother who cares about health and nutrition of infants and babies, would be keen in choosing foods that are healthy for her baby. Therefore, eating brown rice as a baby is one way of keeping the baby's health.


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