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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tupperware households appliances are very durable

Tupperware is famous brand name of household appliances made of plastic, including, container storage, container presentation and some kitchen appliances that were introduced for a general audience in 1946.
They design, create and distribute its products worldwide through its parent company Tupperware Brands Corporation and marketed by direct selling methods are often known by the nickname of independent sales force or sales force currently there is no lack of 1.9 million people spread across the world. Tupperware itself is owned by a subsidiary of Tupperware Brands Corporation.

Tupperware was first made in 1946 by Earl Tupper (1907-1983) in America. He made a plastic container that is used in households to store food and make it airtight. One important patent of this product is to seal insulation, known as "burping seal", which is a special characteristic of the famous Tupperware products, which makes it very different from similar products.

Tupperware started the direct sales strategy with what he calls a Tupperware party. Brownie Wise (1913 - 1992) is the one to introduce this strategy, where previously he was a sales agent from Stanley Home Products. In the early 1950s, sales exploded and make it known by many people. This is mainly due to the influence of Brownie Wise on the women who sell Tupperware party by using the method earlier. Tupperware is also increasingly recognized in times of World War II, where women are encouraged to have more time to his family, and by becoming a Tupperware dealer make them have their own income from home. In addition there is the tradition known as the Assembly is held in every Tupperware distributor held regularly. This tradition was introduced and perpetuated until now as a means to reward the sellers, the best recruiters for both individuals and the team and organization.

One series of Tupperware products Ultraplus

Some Tupperware products from France.
Tupperware spread to mainland Europe since the period of 1960 when Mila Pond held a Tupperware party in Weybridge, England, and several other cities. But in 2003, Tupperware closed its operations in the United Kingdom, because of disappointments to its users on its direct sales method, and just reopened in 2005 after a restrukrisasi.

Rexall buy Tupperware shares in 1958. Rexall drug stores sell with his name in 1977, and later named a Dart Industries. Dart and eventually merged with Formatting Kraftco company by the name of Dart & Kraft. But then the company was split again, whereby the assets of Dart previously called into Premark International. Tupperware Brands then split from Premark in 1996; Premark which later was acquired by Illinois Tool Works three years later.
Today Tupperware is sold in nearly 100 countries around the world.


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